Summary: I wrote this sermon for those who are blind and don't know it's Jesus. He's waiting for me eyes to come open about what he's going to do for his followers

Using God, first thing I want to learn, so I vision myself taking advantage of any opportunity that comes my way. I don’t feel like doing this, I do it automatically to get as close as I can to Jesus is how I’m using God.

Vital information comes on a daily bases that information is the word that I have already put inside of me. I learn not only because I seen it but also I recognized it when it came back around the second time, and the third time and so on.

Remember what the word says “Judge not according to appearance” To do this is really a test of how much of the faith of Jesus Christ you have available.

The message is “God has no respect of persons, because we want to believe that everything that is beautiful has to be an angel of God. Now if you look at this information these are the things Jesus showed to his disciples. The good both you and Simon also Peter and Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanel and the sons of Zebedee and two other disciples.

Here’s what Simon wants to do now, he wants to go fishing. Notice the love and how the other disciples followed alone. I believe it’s the will of God for me to be a good follower. I want to believe in the person that I’m following and what works for them will start working for me if I receive the importunity that Jesus has. Using God, first thing I want to learn.

The word of God says “And that night they caught nothing.” Using God, first thing I want to learn. I want to remember the history left behind while I pass through. Sin want allow me to live on this earth forever. I’m not going to be ignorant about time and how well I make use of it. Using God, first thing I want to learn. I want to use time, because if I keep digging up my insides with the word and covering it up. I expect a blessing. I may not know what kind of a blessing but a blessing is on the way. I got to keep believing things like this.

The will of God is for me to wait on him. I will trust for Jesus to show up one day. I can’t let any possibilities pop up which might cause me to not know him. The reason why people don’t know Jesus the way they should is they don’t wait around long enough. If I’m going to serve the Lord, I’ve got to learn how to wait on him. I had to make myself fall in love with Jesus. I’m still working and I will keep on working to keep my love in Jesus.

When I have done everything I know to do I stand. Can’t anybody quench who I was made to long for? Nobody!

The word of God talks too much about Jesus for anyone to read it and not have a chance to grab hold to the faith of Jesus Christ. I don’t know about you, the first thing I want to learn is how to use God.

I’m not worried about what could happen. Most of my time is spent thinking about the Lord. When I fell in love with Jesus, first thing I wanted to do is thank him not so much with those words but with the gratefulness that I have to be alive with Jesus on my mind.

That’s how I know I love him; I can’t keep my eyes off of him. I fear God. I'm working on eliminating all other fears. Using God, first thing I want to learn. I want to work on resisting the devil by depending on the comforter. I got work to do by putting my heart into the word. The Person comes forth. I see everything God has said about him. Jesus is meek and kind and longsuffering and so much more unreachably beyond human understanding.

I know hanging around Jesus means having a life changing experience. I’m willing to except full responsibility to tone it up by the word of God. I see things that are broke about me. I give those things to God and believe that he is going to make it whole again.

I see myself getting sharper in the spirit realm. The spirit realm is where we serve God in spirit and in truth. I have to keep breaking things off that don’t line up with the word of God. I’m not shame to give Jesus praises in the public. I live in the spirit so I can understand the road Jesus comes down so when he comes, I"ll know it’s him. I want to believe what Jesus says “I am the way the truth and the light”

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