Summary: Like Elisha, we must seek a double portion of our Master’s spirit to passionately carry on the ministry of Christ Jesus.

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II Kings 2: 1 – 22 – Make Mine A Double

Intro: What would you do if you wanted double the inheritance everyone else would get from a wealthy relative or friend? My guess would be, it depends on the amount. Would you? -- Suck up, scheme / plot, plan? -- Some have been willing to murder. OR you could do as Elisha, just ask! / Read Vs. 9 / Elisha seeks the inheritance of the heir. It was customary to give the eldest son 2/3 of the estate as THE legal heir and 1/3 was divided among all the other survivors. / He passionate in his desire to be the prophet of Israel.

I. God calls us to be people of passion. Passionate about what? / There are distractions that keep us from being passionate about our relationship to Christ.

A. (Vs. 3 / 5) People distract us – making demands, discouraging, jealous, careless, selfish people

B. Commitments distract us - busy life / job / responsibilities / boss telling us what to do.

C. Resting, taking a break, sabbatical / maybe you feel you’ve put your time in and just don’t feel like it any more. --- God has no reserves or weekend warriors.

II. Doris and Buddie had seven children, managed a large family farm. They both taught Sunday School classes. Doris was a Deacon and Buddie was an Elder. When I asked Doris how they managed to do so much for the church and have 7 children she answered, “I guess we are just passionate Presbyterians.” --- Are you a part of the frozen chosen or a passionate Presbyterian?

A. Studies show that 20% of the people in a church do 80% of the work and 80% of the people watch the 20% do the work! Why? --- Lack of passion? – Lack of dedication? --- Lack of commitment?

B. Lack of dedication or passion is the curse of the modern church. / Too often we offer God what is left of our time and our talents hoping He will accept them as a noble sacrifice.

C. If we are passionate followers of Christ, we will serve him passionately and be dedicated to the calling he has given us regardless of our age or situation.

III. How many of you could recite the mission statement of this church without referring to your worship bulletin? Did you even know that it is written in the bulleting every Sunday?

A. “The mission of Trinity Presbyterian church is to be a family of God.” What are you personally doing to be a part of that family of God?

B. Are you “passionate” about being a part of this family of God? Or a half-hearted, uninvolved observer? Are you excited about what God is calling us to do or are you passionately clinging to the memories of the past?

C. Elisha was passionate about his mission and ministry. He believe in the destiny to which God was calling him. He wasn’t satisfied with a minimal inheritance, he sought a “double portion.”

Concl: Serving God is not a picnic or a walk in the park. It is hard work that takes a sense of destiny, a passionate commitment to our calling. Nature has handed us a mess. Either we maintain the status quo or, like Elisha seek the double portion of the master’s spirit to carry on the work of Christ with enthusiasm and passion. As for me, . . . Make mine a double!

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