Summary: Presented here is how we can be lead by Christ into new areas and to new challenges if we keep an open mind.

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Open Minds – Luke 24: 44 - 53

Intro: The following item appeared in the Lewiston, Idaho Tribune – “The crossword puzzle which should have appeared in today’s Tribune appeared instead in yesterday’s, together with the answer to the puzzle that should have been printed yesterday. Therefore, the puzzle that should have appeared yesterday is in today’s Tribune, together with the answer to Wednesday’s puzzle. The puzzle for today and the answer to the one that should have been printed yesterday are reprinted.” --- Confused?

I. Verse 44 – “This is what I told you . . . “ Imagine how the disciples must have felt.

A. Bewildered and confused --- expecting one thing and something entirely different happened.

B. “Ghost” Jesus? – but he ate fish?

C. Columbus – didn’t know where he was going --- when he got there, he didn’t know where he was --- when he returned home, he didn’t know where he had been.

II. Scriptures are not self-evident; one’s mind must be opened.

A. Verse 45 – “The he opened their minds . . .”

B. Jesus had told his followers these things before (verses 46 – 49) Why, now do they believe?


III. Verses 50 – 51 – Human nature. Never appreciate something or someone until you don’t have it or them.

A. Some people accuse me of thinking “outside the box” . --- I don’t think so! --- I am just open to the Holy Spirit, to God and let God lead me to a deeper understanding.

B. Transformation of disciples from eyewitnesses to believer. (Knowing about Jesus to knowing Jesus.)

C. Verse 52 – THEY FINALLY GOT IT! --- Not with the head; but with the heart.

Conclu: There must come a point in our lives where we go from HEARING IT to GETTING IT. As Jesus opened the minds of the disciples, he can open yours! The opening of your mind to Christ Jesus gives you a clearer understanding of what His love is all about and what it can do. – Columbus may have been confused; but, he had an open mind. Where would we be if he hadn’t? What about you?

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