3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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  • Encouragement To A Struggling Church Series

    Contributed by Guy Glass on Aug 23, 2006
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    This section deals with the appropriateness of expressing our gifts within the church service. Now, one thing needs to be noted at the onset, the Corinthian church was operating before a completed revelation and as such, the church is operating in a peri

    ENCOURAGEMENT TO A STRUGGLING CHURCH 1 CORINTHIANS 14:26-40 INTRODUCTION: our passage this morning brings us to the end of Paul’s teaching concerning spiritual gifts in general, and tongues in specifics. This last section deals with the appropriateness of expressing our gifts within the church ...read more

  • An Open Door

    Contributed by Geoffrey Foot on Nov 29, 2018

    The door of opportunity is there for the taking and John in Revelation outlines this for the Church in Philadelphia.

    An open DOOR Rev.3:7-13 Of all the seven churches in the book of Revelation, Philadelphia was the ideal Church, and the one against which Jesus had no accusations nor did He find any sin there. However, Philadelphia was not a perfect city it was a city of many temples, and was called “the little ...read more

  • "It's Been My Pleasure" Series

    Contributed by Ernie Arnold on Oct 12, 2017

    Paul gives us three great ways we can PLEASE the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY - 1. Being a bold and courageous witness 2. Possess a "Pleasing God" Mindset 3. Serve with Agape Love (Nursing Image)

    Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 ; Psalm 1 Theme: "It's Been My Pleasure" Paul gives us three great ways we can PLEASE our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY - 1. Being a bold and courageous witness 2. Possess a "Pleasing God" Mindset 3. Serve with Agape Love (Nursing Image) INTRO: Grace and ...read more

  • A Mother's Greatest Work

    Contributed by Wayne Burnett on Apr 17, 2001
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    A mother’s greatest work is that of instilling the knowledge of Christ into their children

    A MOTHER’S GREATEST WORK 2 Timothy 1:1-5 I. TIMOTHY - A FAITHFUL SERVANT A. Won to Christ under the ministry of Paul - a beloved son B. A faithful friend - followed Paul on every missionary journey, made special trips to visit Paul C. A faithful servant - shy and timid but ...read more

  • The Church In A Troubled World

    Contributed by Rule Digal on Nov 28, 2005
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    We are in chaotic world. But the promise of the Lord to come again to take us into his heavenly home is worth struggling. The church must not allow any compromise!

    Theme: The Church in A Troubled World Text: John 6: 16-21 Intro. A. For our message this morning, let’s open our Bible in John 6: 16-21. This passage tells us of the disciples’ experience when they rowed the Sea of Galilee without the physical presence of Christ. This incident depicts the ...read more

  • Where Is The Horn Of Oil?

    Contributed by J. Yeargin on Nov 13, 2006
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    Without the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, we would be nothing more than a social gathering of friendly people. We have not come here today to only be entertained with good music and a speaker telling us all how to live.

    WHERE IS THE HORN OF OIL? Text: I Samuel 16:1, 13 – 14 In the recent weeks we have had many services in which we have looked closely at the importance of being in the presence of the Holy Spirit. This emphasis on the Holy Spirit is very important for us to consider as individuals and as a ...read more

  • Paul, Apostle Of Jesus To The Saints In Ephesus The Faithful Of Christ Jesu Series

    Contributed by Larry Brincefield on Jun 9, 2005
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    Sermon series on the Book of Ephesians. This is part 1.

    This sermon was preached by Rev. Larry C. Brincefield on Wed., October 27, 2004 Title: Ephesians #1 Text: Ephesians 1:1 Introduction 1. Introduction to Ephesians A. Paul wrote the book of Ephesians while he was a prisoner in Rome. Ephesians isn’t the only book that he wrote from ...read more

  • Hezekiah's Heaps

    Contributed by Troy Borst on Sep 8, 2005
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    All of the things that Hezekiah did were to help his people return to God. Part of what he reinstated and restored was the giving of tithes. It was the final piece of the picture he was trying to restore.

    HEZEKIAH’S HEAPS 2 CHRONICLES 31:5-10 INTRODUCTION... 3 Sermons (http://elbourne.org/sermons/index.mv?illustration+1136) One sunny Sunday morning a shrewd minister who desperately needed funds for his struggling church stood up in the pulpit and announced: ‘Brothers and sisters, I have before ...read more

  • Givers Guidelines

    Contributed by Tim Patrick on Sep 17, 2007
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    Discover five principles about giving in this sermon taken from II Corinthians 8 & 9.

    Today is the climactic day of our capital funds campaign. Some people would say a capital funds campaign is drudgery. For me it has been an exciting time! It is exciting to observe what God is doing in our church. It is exciting as anticipate how God will provide for needs. In order for us to ...read more

  • Most Heinous Robbery In History

    Contributed by Larry Finley on Sep 29, 2009
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    Sunday Night Memory Verses

    MOST HEINOUS ROBBERY IN HISTORY 9/13/09 Malachi 3:6-10 1. Sermons proportionate to Scripture a. 500 Vs. on prayer b. LESS THAN 500 VERSES ON FAITH, c. 1 of 10 Vs – Gospels-288 subj. of money. d. 16 of 38 Parables money or possessions e. MORE THAN 2000 ON MONEY & POSSESSIONS! 2. ...read more

  • The Seven, Part 13 Series

    Contributed by David Taylor on Jan 9, 2014

    Philadelphia: The Church of Persevering Witness

    The Seven, part 13 Philadelphia: The Church of Persevering Witness Revelation 3:7-13 August 25, 2013 The Revelation was written to address specific issues with seven churches in Asia Minor at the end of the first century yet they are as relevant to us today as they were to the church then. ...read more

  • The Secret To Generosity

    Contributed by Rev Ken Shedenhelm on Oct 12, 2013

    People give for many different reasons, but the key to joyful giving is love.

    It was in the fall of 1968... I interviewed for a job with the Iowa Commission for the Blind. I was sitting across the desk from Kenneth Jernigan, Director of the Commision and President of the National Federation of the Blind. "How much do you want?" he asked, and I said, "$6800." It was strange ...read more

  • "The God Of New"

    Contributed by Clark Tanner on Dec 28, 2006
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    A sermon for the New Year

    “Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past. “Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.” Well, here we are, at the end of another year. And I mean really ...read more

  • Clear And Present Danger Series

    Contributed by Jason Jones on Oct 19, 2010
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    Sermon delivered at the Mell Baptist Assn Annual Meeting 2010 regarding the decline of our churches, associations, and conventions

    Text: Rev 3:1-6, Title: Clear and Present Danger, Date/Place: Mell Assn Annual Mtg, 10/14/10 A. Opening illustration: Dying Churches video, tell about the shock and broken heartedness that I felt when I did the OMC in Screven Co. read the Finding New Life for Struggling Churches, Stetzer about ...read more

  • Why Do I Suffer Affliction?

    Contributed by Bob Briggs on Dec 14, 2000
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    Have you struggled with the thought, if I am a Christian why do I suffer affliction in my life?

    Have you wondered, if God is going to bring blessing into my life, why do I seem to have so many struggles? Church, we have seasons of struggles and testing, the Lord has a purpose in not allowing us to be fruitful at all times. The seasons of struggle work to destroy the pride we have in ...read more