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  • How Exercising Authority Is Powerless Without Enforcing Our Identity In Christ.

    Contributed by Patrick Usifo on Mar 24, 2021

    Because without knowing and having a recognized identity, we are powerless to use our authority over the things in the heavens and on earth.

    When I started my new life in Christ, one of the first things I noticed among believers in the Church was the level of humility and unblemished morality displayed even in troublesome times. But as time progresses, I began to question every form of the appearance of the outward display of humility: more

  • The Impact Of Jesus' Name Series

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Jan 28, 2021

    We see the baptism in Jesus' Name, the proclamation, authority and power of His Name in the ministry of Paul.

    Good morning! We praise God, from whom all blessings flow. We thank Him for another week of work and rest, times with our family, colleagues and friends. • Let’s look to the Word of God again. We are moving on to chapter 19 of the book of Acts. We’ve covered 18 chapters in the last 10 months. more

  • Seven Sons Of Sceva Series

    Contributed by John Lowe on Dec 24, 2020

    It was common, especially among the Jews, for individuals to attempt to cast out evil spirits. If we resist the devil by faith in Christ, he will flee from us; but if we think we can resist him by using Christ's name, or His deeds, as a spell or charm, Satan will prevail against us.

    This July 31, 2015 Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles By: Tom Lowe Topic #IV: The Church Advancing to the End of the Earth (Acts 13-28) Subtopic D: The Third Missionary Journey (18:23-21:14) Sub-subtopic 3: Paul in Ephesus (19:1-41) more

  • The Name Of Jesus

    Contributed by Derrick Tuper on Dec 6, 2020

    Jesus-we use the name all the time but do ever think about the name we're using? Why was he named Jesus? What significance does it have? How did the disciples use it? Let's find out and see what the takeaways are from looking at the name of Jesus.

    THE NAME OF JESUS Jesus-we use the name all the time but do ever think about the name we're using? Why was he named Jesus? What significance does it have? How did the disciples use it? Let's find out. 1) The name of Jesus. The name Jesus is used nearly 1,200 times in the bible; all in more

  • Superstition Or Faith? Series

    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on Aug 31, 2020

    Biblical Christianity is superior to magic and superstition. Yet we need to rout our superstition in our own lives, too. Biblical faith has no room for superstition.

    Superstition or Faith? (Acts 19:11-20) 1. I think it is bad luck to believe in superstition. That’s a joke. “The number 13, black cats, breaking mirrors, or walking under ladders, may all be things you actively avoid – if you’re anything like the 25% of people in the US who consider themselves more

  • Lordship Series

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Aug 19, 2020

    Being a follower of Jesus means we follow Him in salvation, sanctification and service.

    LORDSHIP Years ago, I knew someone who said that they had just purchased a new Lamborghini and that they were bringing it around for me to see. In the back of my mind I was thinking, how in the world could this person ever afford an Italian sports car? I heard a car pull up and went out to see it. more

  • When God Answers Prayer

    Contributed by Edward Hardee on Mar 21, 2020

    Message deals with God's answer to our prayer of revival and change. He does it His way. When we pray yet crisis happens we need to hear from God.

    When God Answers Prayer Theme: To help us understand God does not always answer prayers the way we expect. Text: Acts 12:1 - 19 Act 12:1-19 Now about that time Herod the king stretched out his hand to harass some from the church. (2) Then he killed James the brother of John with the sword. (3) And more

  • Taking The D.n.a. Test: What’s In The Blood

    Contributed by Sean Dees on Feb 7, 2020

    We live in a time where we feel that we must carry some sort of label. People run to Dr. Phil not for help but Identity. They want a label a term to help identify who they are and why they are who they are.

    (11) And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: (12) So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them. (13) Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them more

  • The Flesh Is Willing

    Contributed by G W Bill Elliott Jr on Nov 21, 2019

    Wait… the title of this story is “The Flesh is Willing”, yet this scripture claims it is weak… and it was Jesus who actually said it… so, that must be right! See… the flesh is very willing to do things, to get involved, to perform or get into action… to a fault.

  • The Ephesian's Conversion Series

    Contributed by Ron Freeman, Evangelist on Jun 29, 2019
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    To establish the Ephesian’s conversion; mirrors the “pattern of conversion,” outlined in the Book of Acts. By their obedient faith: “God quickened them together with Christ; that, by grace they might be saved through faith.” This lesson dispels the notion, of "salvation by grace only."

    INTRODUCTION Outline. 1. Heard the Word of Truth 2. Believed the Gospel of Salvation 3. Sealed with the Holy Spirit Remarks. 1. In our lesson today we are going to be discussing the theme the: “Ephesian’s Conversion.” Their conversion experience also aligns itself with others, who had obeyed the more

  • Lip Syncing Christians

    Contributed by Barry O Johnson on Jun 24, 2019

    Most Christians know what to say and how to say it. But very few are willing to act on what the Bible says.

    Say this with me: “God is good. All the time. To me!” Amen! How many of you remember Milli Vanilli, the R&B duo from Munich, Germany? Founded in 1988, the group’s debut album Girl You Know It’s True achieved international success and earned them a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1990. more

  • Does The Devil Fear You

    Contributed by Walter Troup on May 22, 2019
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    So many people fear the devil. We hear stories all the time about people being afraid of ghosts, and demons. But does the devil fear you?

    So many people fear the devil. We hear stories all the time about people being afraid of ghosts, and demons, and even some Devil in the water. People here are afraid that someone will put Ju Ju on them, or even a curse. They are fearful of the Devil. But does the devil fear anyone? Does the more

  • Does The Devil Know Who You Are?

    Contributed by Eddie Young on Aug 29, 2018
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    The devil really needs to know your name to be affective in your Christian walk.

    Today I want to start you off with a question. If I really want to know what kind of person you are, who should I ask? Let me suggest to you that I would want to talk to your enemies. Let’s go to our scripture: Paul was going about casting out evil spirits through Jesus Christ in Ephesus and more

  • What A Mighty God We Serve! Series

    Contributed by Rick Crandall on Jul 21, 2018
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    1. He can drive out every disease (vs. 8-12). 2. He can expose His enemies (vs. 13-16). 3. He can transform everyone who turns to Jesus (vs. 16-20).

    What a Mighty God We Serve! The Book of Acts - Part 68 Acts 19:8-20 Sermon by Rick Crandall Grayson Baptist Church - Revised July 21, 2018 BACKGROUND: *Remember that here in Acts 19, Paul was on his third missionary journey. His team was reaching many people in the city of Ephesus. They more

  • The Right Attitude

    Contributed by Derek Geldart on Sep 13, 2017
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    The greatest miracle the church needs today is the miracle of growth. Even though only about one in five people in Canada attend church weekly, if our attitude is right with Jesus He will bless our service efforts and grow His chruche!

    DEVELOPING AND SERVANT’S HEART Acts 19:11-16 Online Sermon: 11 God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, 12 so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left more