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  • God Wants You Any Way You Are

    Contributed by Richard Gardner on Jul 20, 2001
    based on 33 ratings

    We can know the Bible front to back and still not personally know Jesus as Lord.It’s a personal relationship that binds us to Christ.

    God wants you any way you are A few years ago we were studying the Book of Revelation in a church where I was pastoring. I have studied it before and taught it before, but now it has an all new impact and meaning. For a reason I will more

  • What Shall You Do?

    Contributed by Charles Gilbert on Aug 10, 2001
    based on 57 ratings

    Challenges good people to see that they need salvation, and to lay down whatever needed to receive Jesus.

    What Shall You Do? Mark 10:17 There is not one thing that you and I can do to receive salvation. There are though, certain obstacles in our lives that we might have to cross over, obstacles or hindrances that effect our desire to yield completely to Jesus. There has never been one person who more

  • The Sheep Test (Its Plain And Simple) Series

    Contributed by Jimmy Gear on Aug 14, 2001
    based on 65 ratings

    Are you saved? Why not take John 10’s "sheep test"

    Chapter 10: Jesus, The Good Shepherd. Week Two: The Sheep Test: Its Plain and Simple. (10:22-30) I. Introduction. --I have taken some hard tests in my life. II. Are you one of God’s Sheep…One of His chosen? There are some simple steps to see: A. The sheep understands God’s Word. (v. more

  • Who's Your Daddy?

    Contributed by Mike Hays on Nov 16, 2000
    based on 64 ratings

    God has adopted us into His family. He is a Father who will never fail us.

    Who's Your Daddy? 1 John 3:4-10 The last rain soaked, numbed-out fan sloshed out of Max Yasgur's muddy pasture more than 30 years ago. That was the day the Woodstock Music and Art Festival came to a close. What was billed as "three days of peace and music" turned into something altogether more

  • All Or Nothing

    Contributed by Steve Heartsill on Oct 25, 2000
    based on 153 ratings

    When it comes to choosing God, it is really a "all or nothing" decision.

    ALL OR NOTHING! Luke 14:31-35 A woman walked into her bathroom at home. As she did, she saw her husband weighing himself on the bathroom scales, sucking in his stomach. The woman thought to herself, "He thinks that he will weigh less by sucking in his stomach." So, the woman rather more

  • Heaven And How To Get There

    Contributed by Johnny Carver on May 22, 2001
    based on 58 ratings

    This is an evangelistic message designed to reach the unsaved person.

    Scripture: John 14:1 - Title: “Heaven and How To Get There!” Introduction: When Charles Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, was a young man he admittedly was very sectarian & very judgmental. He thought he & the people who agreed with him were the only ones going to heaven. Everybody more

  • Peter's Biggest Fish Story

    Contributed by Ted Sutherland on Apr 4, 2001
    based on 130 ratings

    How to pay the IRS when U R broke.

    Paying the IRS, When U R Broke Matthew 17:24-27 I. Tax Exemption vs. 26, 27 A. Jesus was Exempt B. Jesus made an Exception II. Filing Jointly vs. 27 “. . . give unto them for me and thee.” III. What to do in case of Audit, vs. 27 Records, This is the record From Reader’s more

  • I Know That I Will Make It Through The End Times! Series

    Contributed by A. Todd Coget on Apr 26, 2001
    based on 59 ratings

    This sermon gives practical advice on how to remain faithful through the end times.

    What Do You Know? I Know that I will Make it through the End Times! 1 John 2:15-27 & 4:1-6 April 22, 2001 Intro: A. [Preparing for Judgment, Citation: Jon Mutchler, Ferndale, Washington; source: Seattle Times (3-27-00)] On March 26, 2000, Seattle’s famed Kingdome—home of the Seattle more

  • Saints And Sinners

    Contributed by Antonio Torrence on Nov 27, 2000
    based on 103 ratings

    As Christians, we are saints who are just sinners saved by the grace of God.

    "Saints and Sinners" (1 Cor.1:1-9) Rev. A. LaMar Torrence Pastor of the Cross of Life Lutheran Church For a little while, I want to talk on the subject Saints and Sinners. I want to dialogue on the dichotomy of the saved and the sanctified, the holy and the justified. We want to explore this more

  • Why Can't They Understand?

    Contributed by Dan Erickson on Nov 27, 2000
    based on 162 ratings

    Why can't some people "get it" when it comes to the Christian gospel?

    Sometimes the words we speak just don't connect with the person to whom we are speaking. During the first week of basic training, an army drill sergeant was explaining what was in store for his squad during the next two months. One young private raised his hand and asked, "Sergeant, when do we more

  • Eternal Security

    Contributed by Frank Gallagher on Nov 28, 2000
    based on 187 ratings

    Once a person is saved by believing in Jesus Christ, that person’s salvation can never be lost through any subsequent sin, act, or lack of action. The believer’s place in heaven is eternally secure.

    ETERNAL SECURITY [HTTP formatted version of this sermon is located at] [A handout for this sermon is located at]      The phrase "eternal security" means that once a person is saved by more

  • Should I Be Baptized? Series

    Contributed by Aaron Jones on Feb 12, 2001
    based on 166 ratings

    This sermon explores baptism in the process of salvation.

    Billy Bartholomew was a rather interesting young boy. He had been going to church for a long time. Billy’s dad was a deacon. But Billy considered church to be rather boring. And so he saw it as his calling to spice things up a bit. Especially during baptisms. Little Billy was with his father on more

  • Fear Of The Light.

    Contributed by Robert Laymance on Feb 26, 2001
    based on 95 ratings

    The children, when growing up, sometimes were afraid of the darkness. Then they become adults and now it seems they are afraid of the Light.

    * the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not..( powerless against it )john.1:5 * but all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light, for whatsoever doth make manifest is light...ephes.5:13...( piercing thru it ) * God is light and in Him is no darkness at more

  • What The Blind Man Saw

    Contributed by Ted Sutherland on Feb 27, 2001
    based on 158 ratings

    Someone said to Helen Keller, “What a pity you have no sight!” to which she replied, “Yes, but what a pity so many have sight but cannot see!”

    Joke: There was a blind man at Wal-Mart the other day. He seemed to be doing alright until he started spinning his dog around his head on its leash. The sales lady ran over and asked, “Can I help you?” To which the blind man replied, “No thanks, I’m just looking around.” Bartimaeus acts like more

  • Who, Me?

    Contributed by Tommy Hames on Sep 24, 2002
    based on 95 ratings

    Admoniton for believers to examine their faith

    INTRODUCTION Today I want to talk to you about something that has been a burden on my heart for many years. I would like to speak about examining our walk with God. It is a good thing to examine our walk with God, and something that I have done on numerous occasions. As a matter of fact, the more