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  • Carry His Cross

    Contributed by Numeriano P. Galgo, Jr on Apr 14, 2019
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    Are you carrying the right cross?

    Sermon No. 10 CARRY HIS CROSS By: Atty. Numeriano P. Galgo, Jr. April 14, 2019 Tagum City, Philippines Part I. A. Greetings B. Overview of the message The message this morning is about carrying the cross of Jesus Christ. He carried our cross of sins. Can we carry more

  • Be More In Me Than Me

    Contributed by Sherry Proskine on Sep 8, 2008

    To go we have to follow. To follow we have to die. Anyone seen carrying his cross, it was clear he was on his way to die. This word picture describes dying to personal pursuits and following Him completely. This is the key to a successful spiritual life

    A person’s last words are very important to us. We listen very carefully to every word. We seek to understand more of Jesus and to learn what He taught His disciples and what that means for us today. Today, let’s take a look at Jesus’ lasts words written for our instruction. Matt. more

  • No One Said This Would Be Easy Series

    Contributed by Peter Schmidt on Dec 29, 2004
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    On the day after Christmas, on St. Stephen’s Day, we learn that though getting to heaven is easy through Jesus, carrying his cross on earth often times isn’t. But if being a Christian is difficult, it is even more so for the unbeliever.

    Festival of St. Stephen Matthew 23:34-39 I have always had a healthy respect for all branches of the military, and not to take anything away from the other divisions of our armed forces, but one branch particularly stands out in my mind: the Marine Corps. What is their slogan that you see on more

  • 4 Requirements For Following Christ Series

    Contributed by Tony Mccreery on Sep 8, 2007
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    The 8th in a series going through all Christ endured leading up to the Cross. The series ends Easter Sunday with the Glorious Resurrection

    The love of Christ is something that is very difficult to understand. Christ’s love reaches farther than we can imagine. It stretches high above the mountains, through the skies, and is deeper than the oceans. That love is for each person in the world. From the most hardened criminal to the more

  • Committed Disciple Series

    Contributed by Lonnie Erwin on Mar 7, 2020

    To say you’re a “Christian” carries the idea that you’re a disciple but does it? Many in the Christian world today the understandings of what it means to be a Christian for many is to include a lot of don’t such as movies you can’t see, places you can’t go, things you can’t read.

    For the last several weeks we have spent time considering that we as followers of Jesus we are to be His disciples. This term “disciple” carries the meaning of being a student or pupil of Jesus. Today we identify with Jesus using the term “Christian” which implies an association or follower of more

  • Jesus' Crucifixion Series

    Contributed by Freddy Fritz on Apr 1, 2021
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    Jesus' crucifixion in Matthew 27:32-56 teaches us what his death accomplished for sinners.

    Scripture After Jesus’ last Passover, which became the institution of the Lord’s Supper, Jesus and his disciples went to the Mount of Olives. Jesus then took Peter, James, and John to Gethsemane, a garden area where oil from the olives was pressed, to pray. Eventually, Judas arrived and betrayed more

  • Decisions & God's Will Pt 1

    Contributed by Dr. C. David White on Mar 30, 2002
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    Practical help from God’s Word concerning decision making and the will of God.

    Decision Making and God’s Will part 1 (adapted from Life Application note) - Life is the TOTAL of all my decisions and their corresponding actions. (Can’t overestimate value) - This week I am going to look at some preliminary principles to GOOD decision making. Some major consessions must more

  • Cross Too Heavy?, Get Help

    Contributed by Thomas Beckette on Mar 6, 2012
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    We all have crosses to carry and we need to determine what our crosses are, what do I do with them and what will encourage me to carry my cross/

    Today's scripture gives us the true meaning of discipleship. No parable, no allegory, no story...just to the point very plain sharp and poignantly truthful words from Jesus. We actually see two theologies here. A theology of Glory: or Show and tell; come and see the way a God is suppose to be more

  • Jesus Died To Provide The Example For Us To Follow

    Contributed by John Newbaker on Feb 15, 2020

    His death provides the example for us to follow in four areas.

    The Reason Jesus Came to Die To Provide the Example for us to Follow Ephesians 5:25 The way Jesus lived his life is the example of how we are to live our life. The apostles understood this. John wrote, “Whoever claims to believe in him must live as Jesus lived." Do you believe in more

  • Simon Carrier Of The Cross Series

    Contributed by Troy Maxwell on Apr 11, 2007
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    1st message in a series about people in the bible who were ordinary but achieved extra-ordinary things with God

    Unlikely Heroes Simon – Carrying the Cross Hero – A man of distinguished valor, enterprise in danger, a great, illustrious or EXTRA-ordinary person! WE have a HERO inside of us waiting to get out! • There are moments in life – “Divine Moments” – orchestrated by God in which that Hero more

  • The Greatest Of These

    Contributed by Greg Nance on Nov 21, 2002
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    Love is the very center of what it means to be a Christian. Nothing we do or have can replace it. Greater than faith, greater than hope, is love.

    Notice the five things here that are empty without love: Tongues, prophecy, faith, generosity, sacrifice. Not just any kind of tongues, prophecy, faith, generosity and sacrifice, but the ultimate kind. Tongues of men and of angels. Prophecy that fathoms all mystery and knowledge. Faith that more

  • The End Of Christianity

    Contributed by Simon Rundell on Sep 7, 2001
    based on 65 ratings

    A response to Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor’s statement that Christianity had been “all but eliminated” as a source of moral guidance in people’s lives, and that people were ‘indifferent’ to Christian values. Mission: the essential role of the Church

    Sermon: 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time; 9th September 2001 Text: Luke 14:25-33 “Anyone who does not carry his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple” In the name of the +Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. BBC News, last Thursday. The Archbishop of Westminster, more

  • Pick Up Your Cross And Follow Me Series

    Contributed by Simon Rundell on Jan 19, 2001
    based on 157 ratings

    Examines the call to vocation of everyone, whether to the priesthood to be a Christian in Society. Written for a young audience in a very open style.

    How Does the Gospel Affect Our Lives? Given at the Chichester Diocese Youth Summer Camp, August 2000. Texts: Romans 12: 1-13; Luke 9:23-28 Luke 9:23 Then he said to them all, `If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow more

  • Lessons Learned For The Easter Story Part 2 Series

    Contributed by Rodney Johnson on Aug 26, 2007
    based on 3 ratings

    Part two of the series.

    Lessons Learned From The Easter Story Part 2 Scriptures: Luke 23:13-55; 24:1-8; Matt. 27:28-30 Introduction Last week I covered the lessons pertaining to our natural life and how we interact with others. This morning I will focus on the lessons learned from Jesus’ trial, more

  • What Is The Cost Of Discipleship Series

    Contributed by Steve Smith on Nov 3, 2008
    based on 9 ratings

    While all believers are called to discipleship, Jesus shows that many are not willing to pay the price.

    ILLUSTRATION: Discipleship Two longstanding church members were in a boat fishing with a new Christian. Passing the time, each was talking about his fervent faith and devotion to God. As they were discussing their faith, one’s hat blew into the water. So he stood up, calmly stepped onto the more