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  • In Search For A Compatible God

    Contributed by Gerald Nash on Nov 2, 2000
    based on 43 ratings

    People are searching for a God that is compatible to them.

    I. We Want A Compatible God A God who will: A. Adjust To Our Prejudice (v 9) B. Acknowledge Our Pride (v 12) C. Alleviate Our Pain (v 15) D. Annul Our Problems (v 17) E. Agree With Our Position (v 19) II. We Need A Consistent God A God who: A. Seeks Out Individuals (v 4, 6) more

  • Eastern Spirituality And Christian Prayer....compatible?

    Contributed by Paul Andrew on Oct 23, 2017

    The objection that caution be exercised, that illusions are possible, may appear contrary to evidence.

    “Catholic doctrinal truth and sound spirituality are companions. They support and protect each other...” page 99 “In the more esoteric instances of pursuing experiences of God, the labyrinth of the soul’s interiority is the temple where the religious seeker must make pilgrimage. The passage is more

  • Compatibility In Marriage Or Spirit-Controlled Temperament In Marriage Series

    Contributed by Herman Abrahams on May 3, 2004
    based on 44 ratings

    Understanding Compatibility in Marriage and the Spirit-Controlled Temperament. GOD INTENDED MARRIAGE TO BE A LIFE-LONG UNION BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE, A MAN AND HIS WIFE. Incompatibility, a frequently alleged ground for divorce has no legitimate status before

    Compiled by: Herman Abrahams (Pastor), Cornerstone Faith Ministries, P.O. Box 740, Westridge 7802, Rep. of South Africa. E-Mail: Note to the reader: If you have been blessed with this sermon compilation, I would be honoured to receive an e-mail from more

  • The Wineskin Of Your Mind

    Contributed by John Perry on Apr 17, 2010
    based on 4 ratings

    When Jesus spoke the parable about old wine in a new wineskin he was speaking about more than an old religious system in His time. More importantly He's got something to say about wineskins today!

    Bunbury Sun am 18/04/10 “The wineskin of your mind” Intro: The remarkable truth of the Word of God is that nothing in the Bible is meaningless. Everything ahs value / speaks to our lives / ministers / convicts / directs / encourages & inspires. As a loving father God is more

  • (Section 3) Before You Pomise Series

    Contributed by Luther Sexton on Jul 6, 2018

    Reasons to Marry? Choosing Mates, Compatibility

    Relationships and Marriage III. BEFORE YOU PROMISE INTRODUCTION: There was a you man who fell in love with a pretty young lady. He took her home to meet his mother before asking her to marry him. But alas, his mother disliked the girl intensely and refused to give her blessings. Three more

  • Genesis 24 - God Has An Online Dating Service! - Part 2 Series

    Contributed by Ross Cochrane on Jun 3, 2011
    based on 6 ratings

    The question the servant had to ask was "How do I find someone who will be compatible?" He decided to use GOD'S ONLINE HELP, the best and most successful dating site of all, accessed by the voice activated password - "PRAYER".

    Genesis 24 - GOD HAS AN ONLINE DATING SERVICE! - Part 2 "Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match..." The most successful INTERNET DATING SITES today, according to Wikipedia, are very specific concerning those they target. To ensure compatibility many of them are advertised according to more

  • Genesis 24 – Things That Don’t Go Together – Part 3 Series

    Contributed by Ross Cochrane on Jun 4, 2011
    based on 6 ratings

    Deuteronomy 22:10 (NLT) says “You must not plough with an ox and a donkey harnessed together.” The idea here is that there are certain things that are totally INCOMPATIBLE. They were never meant to be placed in the same yoke. What about dating?

    Genesis 24 – THINGS THAT DON’T GO TOGETHER – Part 3 The engine of a Fiesta in a Ferrari! Pickles and icecream. There are certain things that definitely DON’T go together. Aluminium foil and microwaves (Julie rediscovered this recently). Children and cancer. Wouldn’t more

  • Filling The Void-2 Series

    Contributed by Byron Sherman on Apr 16, 2010

    Peter initiated the selection process by which an apostle would be chosen to remove the void in their ranks created by Judas Iscariot. A void in leadership/the ranks must be removed. A void in leadership must be removed as....

  • Very Able Men

    Contributed by Evie Megginson on Apr 19, 2004
    based on 284 ratings


    VERY ABLE MEN I CHRONICLES 9:1,13 You won’t find the first nine chapters of I Chronicles in your daily Bible reading guides. The reason being, the first nine chapters are genealogical records But just because it is dry to you and I, it doesn’t means it is not important. The Whole Bible more

  • Building A Relationship That Lasts Series

    Contributed by Dan Carroll on Jul 28, 2011
    based on 1 rating

    This sermon assists couples who want a marriage that will stand the test of time.

    INTRODUCTION • Philippians 2:2-5, “…living in harmony, and keeping one purpose in concerned about the interests of others...” I. LOYALTY IS A LOST CAUSE • Studies tell us those who stay in marriage are the ones who win in the end. • Reality is more

  • Astrology Vs Christianity

    Contributed by Steven Ostrowski on Apr 24, 2008
    based on 13 ratings

    Astrology and Christianity are not compatible. The Bible holds truths to how we should reject astrology’s false hopes and prophecies.

    Astrology is the belief system that one can discover future events by how the stars and planets move in the sky. It is based on the idea that information on one’s life can be revealed through the heavens. Many people around the world have come to believe in astrology for one reason or another. more

  • The Minister's God-Given Goal – Part 3 Of 3

    Contributed by Paul George on Oct 12, 2006

    Some ministers are nullifying the doctrine that salvation depends on repentance by twisting the doctrine so that it will be compatible with their faulty conception of God’s grace.

    The Minister’s God-given Goal – Part 3 Matthew 28:16:20 Some ministers are nullifying the doctrine that salvation depends on repentance by twisting the doctrine so that it will be compatible with their faulty conception of God’s grace. By their new definition, repentance is a change of the mind more

  • Joy Series

    Contributed by Don Vanzant on Sep 30, 2011
    based on 2 ratings

    God gives joy to those who abide in Him which is not dependent on circumstances but is actually compatible with pain.

    Years ago I spent the last four months of seminary in the Clinical Pastoral Education program or CPE as a chaplain on the third floor of Central Baptist Hospital. It was a great experience, but not one that suited me too well. I was assigned to the respiratory ward where people were mostly more

  • Oneness Series

    Contributed by Joseph Smith on Jun 13, 2003
    based on 91 ratings

    Receiving the gifts of oneness means that we love one leader and commit to one calling. Those things are not the same as having doctrinal agreement or being socially compatible.

    This week I met a young man who was very clear about what he needed. He came here to the church to participate in a wedding rehearsal. We began to talk about weddings. He expressed the hope that this wedding would not be like the last wedding he had attended. In that earlier wedding, he had more

  • How Can You Say That? Series

    Contributed by Timothy Mills on Sep 18, 2006
    based on 2 ratings

    God’s wrath is a doctrine often rejected; wrath does not match our concept of a loving God; God’s wrath is “an OT idea,” not compatible with grace & mercy; OT yes, but mostly in the NT.

    Romans 1:24-32 God’s wrath is a doctrine often rejected. Wrath does not match our concept of a loving God. God’s wrath is “an OT idea,” not compatible with grace & mercy. OT yes, but mostly in the NT. 1) The subjects of God’s wrath. • Let’s define “God’s wrath.” - Not a quick, hot rage that more