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  • Walking On Dry Land

    Contributed by Rick Pendleton on Nov 9, 2009
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    What are we to do in the storms of life? Sometimes God doesn’t bring us out... He brings us THROUGH!

    Walking On Dry Ground Exodus 14:10-18 There is no such thing as a life that is filled with rainbows and never has a cloud or even a storm. As a matter of fact… you have to endure a few clouds and storms to have a rainbow. This morning I want to talk to you about the rainbows and clouds and I more

  • Dry Land, Seas, And Vegetation. Series

    Contributed by John Lowe on Feb 17, 2018

    The work God did on the third day amounted to dual creation. At first the waters beneath the heavens, those upon the surface of the earth, were gathered together, so that the dry (or solid) ground appeared; and then the earth was made fruitful.

    May 10, 2013 Commentary on the Book of Genesis By: Tom Lowe PART: I GENERAL HISTORY FROM ADAM TO ABRAHAM—Gen. 1:1-11:9. Topic #A: An Account of Creation. Gen. 1:1-2:7. Lesson I.A.4: Dry Land, Seas, and Vegetation. Gen. 1:9-13. (KJV) 9 And God said, Let the waters under the more

  • Creation, Part 3 Series

    Contributed by T.j. Conwell on Aug 22, 2011

    Part 3 reveals the formation of dry land, the seas, and all vegetation. This message also gives excellent insight into defending an evolutionist’s view of the origin of species.

    Creation Series, Part 3 Genesis 1:9-13 Introduction - We have a Creator, and the Creator has given us a clear account of His story - APP: What we find ourselves in is a situation what separates all of us -- If you do not believe this account, you fall into one of these two more

  • Be An Agent Of Change, Not A Victim-Part -3 Series

    Contributed by Bishop Lalachan Abraham on Jan 9, 2014
    based on 7 ratings

    God says in Isaiah 43:19 “I am going to do something new. It is already happening. Don't you recognize it? I will clear a way in the desert. I will make rivers on dry land.”

    God Is an Agent of Change In the present world we are perplexed as we are unable to make proper decisions. But when God becomes our guide; the Bible assures us that we will hear the voice behind us saying “this is the way. Walk in it”(Isaiah 30:21)He even instructs and teaches us in more

  • The Red Tile

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Dec 6, 2014

    A science professor likened Jesus fulfilling 8 prophecies to finding a white tile painted red on the bottom and scattered with other white tiles covering all the dry land on earth with just one pick. Here are 8 Jesus fulfilled as a baby.

    I hold in my hand today a very old book. I know it doesn’t look old. In fact, according to the front page, it was first published in 1988 based on a copy write from 1976. But actually this is not a book at all. It is a collection of historical documents and letters that spanned 3,500 years. more

  • What Do You Sing About?

    Contributed by Greg Nance on Nov 29, 2014
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    God has rescued Israel from Egyptian bondage with a mighty hand at the Red Sea as they cross over on dry land and the Egyptian army drowns in the Sea. Israel has something to sing about and Moses teaches them the first song in the Bible.

    Exodus 15:1-21 What do you sing about? In his book "Psalms of the Heart," George Sweeting tells of two Moody Bible Institute graduates, John and Elaine Beekman, who, in 1951, began missionary work among the Chol Indians of southern Mexico. Sweeting reports that they rode mules and traveled by more

  • Why Hast Thou Done This?

    Contributed by David Coe on Nov 11, 2000
    based on 108 ratings

    A sermon to show the foolishness of running from God.

    WHY HAST THOU DONE THIS? Jonah 1:1-3,10 A Message on "Running From God" I. THE MOTIVE 1.) Disobedience 1:2 "Arise, go to Nineveh.." a.) Displeasing 4:1 "But it displeased Jonah..." b.) Difficult 1:2 "cry against it for their wickedness..." II. THE more

  • God's Directives

    Contributed by Melvin Shelton on Dec 20, 2005
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    Repentance on man’s part always brings action on God’s part.

    God’s directives Jonah 2:10-3:2 12/21/05 Immediately after Jonah repented of his disobedience, there were some directives that brought about his deliverance from the belly of the fish. Repentance on man’s part always brings action on God’s part. Man could solve many of his problems if only he more

  • And Just When!

    Contributed by Quinton Williamson on Jun 20, 2003
    based on 134 ratings

    To let people know that when there trials seem too hard to bare God will show up. When it seems like all hope is lost God will give you a way out.

    SUBJECT: AND JUST WHEN SCRIPTURE: EXODUS 14; 19-21 This is a familiar story; many of us know and can tell you this story. The Bible gives us this account, and by us reading this many people will classify this as one of the greatest miracles God has ever performed. But for those of you who more

  • Chapter 3: Across The Newly Formed Childlike Biosphere Series

    Contributed by Preacher Fo Real on Oct 26, 2007

    Christian answer to Evolution

    However, one invariable ideology prophesies that the Big Bang of our universe was part of a deliberately initiated chain reaction of events. These events or supernatural occurrences spawned the birth of a lifeless barren sphere in the mist of the quiet chaotic universe. According to this more

  • It's Not Too Late For Jonah The Rebel Series

    Contributed by Vernon L Caruthers on Jul 31, 2009
    based on 17 ratings

    This is sermon 3 of the series, IT’S NOT TOO LATE. This message is about JONAH, the REBEL & how he received a 2nd chance to do the will of GOD. Thnak GOD for 2nd chances.

    Sermon for August 01, 2009 Sermon Series: It’s Not Too Late: Sermon #3: It’s Not Too Late for JONAH, the REBEL Scripture Ref: Jonah 1:1-4 1. Now the word of the LORD came unto JONAH, the son of AMATAI, saying, 2. Arise, go to NINEVEH, that great city, for their wickedness is come up before more

  • The Faith Of A Nation Series

    Contributed by Chad Bolfa on Oct 23, 2008

    We live in a nation that was founded on faith. I heard just this week that after research of all the founding documents that were written by our founding fathers the conclusion was made that with out a shadow of doubt our founding document was the Bible,

    Letting your faith do the walking Part 13 The Faith of a Nation Hebrews 11:29-30 Introduction We live in a nation that was founded on faith. I heard just this week that after research of all the founding documents that were written by our founding fathers the conclusion was made that with more

  • Jonah Saw Something Out There

    Contributed by Grady Henley on Aug 6, 2003
    based on 13 ratings

    The Beached Whale

    Mat. 12:40 and Jonah 1 Grady Henley June 2003 Jonah Saw Something Out There or The Beached Whale Incident I. The Wisdom of the Lord on the Translators. There is a word in Mat. 12:40 that supposedly the King James Translators mis-translated. According to Strong’s Hebrew and Greek more

  • God Rested That Day

    Contributed by Preacher Fo Real on Apr 13, 2007
    based on 6 ratings

    Simple sermon on the creation

    God rested that day. Genesis 1 – 3 I. The Spirit of God comes out of the dark, shapeless void to take an embryonic mass and breathe life into it. When God speaks, light comes into existence. The light conquers the dark, and then God rested that day. II. God made the sky to be beautiful more

  • One If By Land Series

    Contributed by Tom Papez on Nov 13, 2009

    Unusual lesson is about being on alert, being on watch, a rare sermon in today’s day and age. Uses some rare creation/intelligent design arguments.

    ONE IF BY LAND JESUS SERIES V: WATCH OUT OPEN: During the Revolutionary War, our young almost-nation put up an intricate series’ of defense mechanisms to save peoples lives. The plan was simple, if the British were coming, they were to hang a lantern in the Boston’s Old North Church Tower. The more