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  • The Gathering

    Contributed by Dustin T Parker on Feb 28, 2010
    based on 2 ratings

    On the way to the cross, Jesus has people planning to kill him, and people who will betray him and that he prophesies to kill him..... and he lets them.

    Concordia Lutheran Church February 28, 20190 The Gathering Luke 13:31-35 † IN JESUS NAME † May you realize that God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ has gathered us, even as a hen gathers her chicks…. For that indeed is the result of His gifts of mercy and peace.. It was more

  • Gathered Together

    Contributed by Jon Lipka on May 7, 2010
    based on 1 rating

    Jesus want to gather us together as a hen gathers her chicks, but are we willing to accept his gracious advance?

    Have you ever gotten to the end of your rope? — I have done what I needed to: I’ve graduated from high school, finished college, got a masters degree; I have worked, become a licensed professional, developed into a good project manager; I have been ordained deacon and then priest. And after all more

  • A Sacred Gathering

    Contributed by Mike Hays on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 89 ratings

    We need to come before the presence of Almighty God.

    "A Sacred Gathering" Joel 2:12-13 'Even now,' declares the LORD, 'return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.' {13} Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the LORD your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he more

  • Gathered But Not Scattered Series

    Contributed by John Hamby on Dec 11, 2000
    based on 124 ratings

    The church is to gather for power but to scatter to proclaim the word.

    A STUDY OF THE BOOK OF ACTS Sermon # 15 GATHERED BUT NOT SCATTERED Acts 8:1-4 “In football they have a huddle, the goal of the huddle is to give you thirty seconds to call the play, that is why they give you a huddle.(At a professional football game there may be ) Sixty thousand people more

  • Gathering & Scattering

    Contributed by Joey Nelson on May 4, 2006
    based on 5 ratings

    The church has many purposes or functions. These purposes hang on a two-fold mission: the Gathering of the Community for Worship, Instruction, Fellowship and Evangelism Training and the Scattering of the Community in order to fulfill both our cultural a

    INTRODUCTION Opening Statement: I read the story of the little girl who was asked to describe the parts of a man. She said, "Man has three parts: the brainium, the chester, and the abominable cavity. The brainium holds the brain, the chester holds the heart, and the abominable cavity holds the more

  • Gathering The Flock

    Contributed by Roger Griffith on Oct 18, 2000
    based on 34 ratings

    What attracts people to a pastor? The Scriptures are filled with examples of men who drew others after them in love for God. Men such as Moses, David, Peter, and Paul, had vast numbers of followers. On the other hand, men such as Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel

    GATHERING THE FLOCK INTRODUCTION: A. WHAT ATTRACTS PEOPLE TO A PASTOR? 1. The Scriptures are filled with examples of men who drew others after them in love for God. 2. Men such as Moses, David, Peter, and Paul, had vast numbers of followers. 3. On the other hand, men such more

  • Gathering To Grow Series

    Contributed by Brad Bailey on Nov 30, 2011

    We must turn around (‘repent’) from the depth of our self-will… and give ourselves…immerse ourselves (‘be baptized’) in the life of Jesus…now risen and ruling and revealing God’s will.

    Gathering to Grow Series: ROOTS Brad Bailey – October 16, 2011 Intro – I want to begin by asking a question: Why are you here? Why are we here together? It’s always good to stop and consider WHY we are doing something… what the purpose is. Because when we loose more

  • The In-Gathering

    Contributed by Ambrose A Bellair on Jun 27, 2012

    The children of the light, are made aware of that DAY, How ?.

    Many today are not aware of the truth contained in the teachings of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. My people die daily from the lack of knowledge. The heavenly manna provided for the body, that is the meat that the Disciples new not of, when asking Jesus where he got the food he ate, has been more

  • Gathering Clouds

    Contributed by John Mccormack on Dec 13, 2013


  • Gathering The Harvest

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Mar 23, 2015

    The church needs to have as much anguish for the lost as Christ

    I. The church needs to regain its anguish for the lost. (v.31-36) - This is a word you do not really hear much use of in our churches today - Anguish! - What interferes with our anguish 1. Narcissism 2. Lack of prayer-instead of praying over things in the church that bother us we gossip and more

  • Gathering To Worship Series

    Contributed by Pat Damiani on Apr 6, 2015

    Worship that pleases God loves God's Word and lives God's Word.

    Many times when people find out I’m a pastor, one of the first questions they ask is “What kind of church is it?” I’ve also had quite a few people who have visited our church ask the same thing. In most cases, I think what people want to know is if our church belongs to a more

  • Seasonings Your Gatherings Series

    Contributed by Charles Wilkerson on Nov 10, 2009

    3rd Sunday of Advent with our focus on the way we gather during these Holy Days.

    I like Jeopardy. I sometimes can recall an amazing amount of useless information so it’s a pretty fun game to play along with at home. I don’t know everything to be sure. When I took the Graduate Record Exam for Political Science they asked some pretty strange questions like, "Who was Secretary of more

  • Gathering In Hope, A Devotional

    Contributed by Robert Grey on Nov 2, 2000
    based on 47 ratings

    Using King David as an example of how to prepare for the offering. A devotional.

    Gathering in hope People gather together for a variety of reasons. On occasion people gather together in the hope that something wonderful will happen. Such an occasion was when King David said farewell to His subjects and proclaimed Solomon to be his successor. At that time, the plans and the more

  • Requires Gathering The Resources Series

    Contributed by Rick Stacy on Oct 21, 2002
    based on 27 ratings

    Sermon 3 of 4 on Building a great church. How did it happen that in the course of building a place of worship that the people were giving so much that it was becoming a distraction to the actual work and Moses had to tell them to stop?

    Building A Great Church Requires that You Gather the Resources Exodus 36:1-6 The LORD has given to Bezalel, Oholiab, and others the skills needed for building a place of worship, and they will follow the LORD’s instructions. Then Moses brought together these workers who were eager to work, and more

  • Shall We Gather At The River

    Contributed by Eloy Gonzalez on Nov 3, 2002
    based on 151 ratings

    All Saints Day: God causes his saving grace to flow bringing the ’Water of Life’. God gathers his saints at the ’river’s shore’. We will be there one day too!

    Some of the most beautiful places and some of the best times I can remember have happened at or near rivers. I was born and raised some 250 miles south of here in place called the Rio Grande Valley. I can still remember my science teacher saying, “This really isn’t a valley. This is a delta. We more