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  • Honour God Series

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Feb 15, 2020

    What we believe about God affects our attitude and behaviour towards Him. Do we see the love of God? Do we see the greatness of God?

  • Honouring God With Our Treasure

    Contributed by William Baeta on Nov 22, 2013
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    “Truly, I say to you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the offering box. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on” Mark 12:43-44

    Theme: Honouring God with our treasure Text: 1 Kings 17:7-16; 1 Tim. 6:17-19; Mark 12:41-44 Giving is an attitude that is contrary to our fleshly nature. The flesh is a way of thinking that is contrary to the Word of God and it has been said that the last part of us to be converted is our more

  • Honouring God In The Work Place As Servants Of Christ Series

    Contributed by Gordon Weatherby on Aug 25, 2013
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    The Words of Paul to Christian slaves not only give us insight in our own workplace, but a couple of life principles for every aspect of life.

    HONOURING GOD IN THE WORK PLACE AS SERVANTS OF CHRIST 1 Timothy 6:1-2 INTRODUCTION: 1.) An old Fanny Crosby hymn begins with the following words: To the work! To the work! We are servants of God; Let us follow the path that our Master has trod; With the balm of His more

  • The Fear Of The Lord

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Aug 31, 2011
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    Many love the Lord but do not have the fear of the Lord in their heart. They take God for granted and treat Him with contempt. We need to honour Him with reverence and respect.

  • Matthew 5 - Take A Bath! You Smell Like A Hypocrite! Series

    Contributed by Ross Cochrane on Dec 27, 2009
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    Take a bath! You smell like a hypocrite! Better to live like the unbeliever you are than to act like a Christian on Sundays. Because at least you won’t be deceiving yourself. Take the Purity in heart test from Matthew 5 and examine your motives!

    Matthew 5 - Take a bath! You smell like a hypocrite! I don’t know about you but I don’t like the term "pure in heart". It seems like woose talk or I think of someone with an intellectual disability or so totally naïve they don’t see bad things happening all around them. Maybe even children, up more

  • The Party Crasher

    Contributed by Michael Stark on Nov 21, 2019
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    Christ receives sinners. Just so, the assemblies of our Lord should be noted for welcoming those who are identified as sinners, since we each were once estranged from the Lord until He welcomed us.

    “One of the Pharisees asked [Jesus] to eat with him, and he went into the Pharisee’s house and reclined at table. And behold, a woman of the city, who was a sinner, when she learned that he was reclining at table in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster flask of ointment, and standing behind more

  • Renew Your Life

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on May 25, 2014

    The four major decisions you need to make in life - (1) submission to God's Word, (2) separation from the world, (3) Sabbath for God's people, and (4) support for God's work.

  • What Does God Think Of Our Worship?

    Contributed by Ian Lyall on Sep 13, 2007
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    Does our worship honour God by including by being devoted to his glory?

    No source is known for a compendium of ’12 reasons why I don’t wash (or go to church), though it sounds as though it must have come from a small boy. It goes like this: 1. I was forced to wash as a child 2. I’m not dirty 3. I’ll wait until I’m older, then I’ll be dirtier 4. There are too many more

  • Loyalty: Loyalty Rewards Series

    Contributed by Christian Cheong on Oct 29, 2012
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    Loyalty is a virtue. Loyalty seeks to honour God, it values the relationship and God rewards our faithfulness. God is loyal.

    Loyalty is a virtue. Loyalty is to be faithful, to stick to a commitment. • But unfortunately loyalty is losing its appeal today. People do not see it as necessarily a good thing. • Marriages are breaking up because spouses do not want to keep to their commitment to stick together “for better more

  • The Younger Women

    Contributed by Michael Stark on May 11, 2013
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    Not women only, but all who are placed in the congregation of the Lord, are called to consider how to live so as to honour God.

    “As for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine. Older men are to be sober-minded, dignified, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love, and in steadfastness. Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so more

  • Limits On Judgement Series

    Contributed by Michael Stark on Oct 14, 2011

    The message explores our responsibility to one another to honour God and to build one another in the Faith.

    “Let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother. I know and am persuaded in the Lord Jesus that nothing is unclean in itself, but it is unclean for anyone who thinks it unclean. For if your brother is more

  • Unmasking The Pharisees

    Contributed by Stephen Sheane on Jul 22, 2009
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    The teachers of the law looked like men who honoured God, but Jesus saw behind their masks.

  • Part 1 - Genesis 17:1 - Sanctimonious And Self-Righteous, Or Blameless? Series

    Contributed by Ross Cochrane on Apr 7, 2010
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    Part 1 - Genesis 17:1 - RELIGIOUS, SANCTIMONIOUS AND SELF-RIGHTEOUS, OR BLAMELESS? I was speaking to a man yesterday who is 95 years old. He still has all his mental faculties and is fascinating to speak with. Many old people can be rigid in their thinking but he has an ability to be flexible more

  • Daniel In Exile: Put God First

    Contributed by Chris Jordan on Mar 24, 2016

    If we want to honour God, and make a difference in our world today, we must make a good decision, refuse to compromise, and put God first.

    DANIEL IN EXILE: PUT GOD FIRST INTRO TO THE STORY: For the past six weeks, we have looked at the kingdoms of Israel and Judah and their steady spiral down a slippery slope of sin, until they finally found themselves exiled to Babylon. That’s where we find ourselves at the beginning of more

  • Even When Man Has Passed His Final Judgement, Dont Be Silent

    Contributed by Richard Papafio on Aug 15, 2018

    When we open our mouths to praise, worship and honour God as we pray to Him, He moves into our situation to liberate us.

    May the peace of the Lord be with you. Topic: EVEN WHEN MAN HAS PASSED HIS FINAL JUDGEMENT, DONT BE SILENT Acts 16:25-29 King James Version (KJV) 25 And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. 26 And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so more