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  • Seven Temptation Fighters

    Contributed by Howard Strickland on Nov 11, 2012
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    “Temptation comes to everyone!’ When it comes,’ I want to give you 7 things to remember.” “Temptation is the devil looking through the keyhole. Yielding is opening the door and inviting him in.” (Billy Sunday) “Victorious living does not mean freedom fro

    Seven Temptation Fighters James 4:7NKJ A certain boy was severely warned by his dad not to go swimming again, but he disobeyed and came back home all wet. His dad asked him, “why did you disobey me despite my warnings. He answered, ‘I was tempted by the devil. I more

  • Conflict Resolution In The Church Series

    Contributed by Mike Rickman on Nov 1, 2012

    There are steps to resolving conflict in our relationships.

    November 4, 2012 Morning Worship Text: James 4:1-10 Subject: Submitting to God Title James Part 7: Conflict Resolution in the Church Last Week in our James series I talked to you about how the words you speak will affect both your relationship with God and with one another. Let me begin by more

  • Memorial Day Sermon

    Contributed by Leslie Tarlton on Jan 18, 2014

    An Expositional Series on the Book of James

    Memorial Day Sermon James 4:1-6 5/27/2012 This weekend we take the time to honor those Americans who died on battlefields across the earth. “For love of country they accepted death...” ~James A. Garfield • A total of almost 2.5 million men. • 9 major wars (from the more

  • Resistance Is Not Futile!

    Contributed by Leslie Tarlton on Jan 18, 2014

    An expositional Series in the Book of James

    James 4:7-17 Resistance is not Futile! Pastor James continues to address the issues he is seeing in his church. Chapter 1 - James addresses the congregation’s failure to examine see their own wavering faith, lack of patience & understanding • They show partiality toward the rich, more

  • Trying Times - Hurricane Andrew Series

    Contributed by Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid on Jun 1, 2013
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    A comparative: the affliction of Hurricane Andrew, lost love and broken hearts (Thanking God for placing things in perspective that there is no great affliction or small affliction that we hold in our hearts that is too much for God's love to deal with, i

    Trying Times -Hurricane Andrew by Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (5/29/2013, 6/1/2013) “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you, Cleanse your hands, ye sinners, and purify your hearts, ye double-minded (James 4:8, King James Version (KJV), [Patience in more

  • "The Key To Getting God's Attention"

    Contributed by David Henderson on Sep 15, 2013
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    Here is the biggest obstacle we face when we are considering becoming a follower of Jesus. This is the hardest part. We want all the benefits but we still want to be in control.

    “The Key to getting God’s Attention” James 4:1-10 The Bible tells us that at the beginning of what we now refer to as holy week or the week of passion that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and that the crowds were following Him. At that point He was easily the most popular more

  • Come Near To God!

    Contributed by Bala Samson on Aug 26, 2013

    Friend, how do we react when we are disciplined by God?

    Come near to God! Deepika! James 4:8”Come near to God and He will come near to you…” She is just a doll! Fair, pretty with a smile that could steal anyone’s heart; her name is Deepika, four year old daughter of a couple who pick up garbage from residential quarters. She more

  • Spiritual Adultery

    Contributed by Mike Fogerson on Oct 7, 2012

    Adultery happens in some marriages but there is another type of adultery that takes place much more often – Spiritual Adultery.

    Dr. Mike Fogerson May 20, 2012 Introduction A Do you remember when Sandra Bullock won her Golden Globe for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in “The Blind Side?” 1 In her acceptance speech she said of her then husband, “I love you. You are so hot.” a She was married to the more

  • Good Signs Of Godly Wisdom Series

    Contributed by Rick Crandall on Aug 25, 2012

    1. I make the right requests (vs. 1-3). 2. I form the right friendships (vs. 4-5). 3. I receive the gift of God’s grace (vs. 6-7a & 10). 4. I trust in the promise of God’s power (vs. 7b).

    Christianity Where the Rubber Meets the Road Part 9: Good Signs of Godly Wisdom James 4:1-7 Sermon by Rick Crandall Grayson Baptist Church - April 15, 2012 BACKGROUND *Everybody needs Godly wisdom. And last time, the key verse for us was James 3:17, which tells us that the wisdom from above “is more

  • Tough Questions

    Contributed by Greg Nance on Jul 13, 2012
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    James chapter 4 asks us questions that convict us and call us to humble submission to God.

    Submit Yourselves to God 4 What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? 2 You want something but don’t get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask more

  • What Self-Centeredness Can Cause

    Contributed by Dr.w.samuel Legon on Jul 9, 2012
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    No christian should have a self centered life

    WHAT SELF-CENTEREDNESS CAN CAUSE James 4: 1From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? 2Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye more

  • God's Ten Commands For Peaceful Living Series

    Contributed by Paul Barreca on Jul 2, 2014

    James 4:7-10 is a series of ten rapid-fire instructions that provide God’s Ten Commandments for restoring peace in your relationships.

    Our study of James 4 has focused on the results of following worldly wisdom as opposed to godly wisdom. This theme of two kinds of wisdom was introduced in chapter 3. “But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth.” (James more

  • Temptation Is Only A Question - Your Response Is The Answer

    Contributed by J Jeffrey Smead on Feb 20, 2014
    based on 77 ratings

    When we meet the allurements of sin do not test God, trust God. Trust God and His word! Let God rather than your feelings lead you. Trust God not your Feelings Temptation is Only a Question, your response is the answer. Updated February 2023.

    For those not familiar with an Anglican Service there are four (4) Scripture read just before the message. The Scriptures for this day are: Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7; Psalm 32; Romans 5:12-19 and Mathew 4:1-11 Desserts have often been called ... a "seduction" ... or a more

  • Friendship With God

    Contributed by Chris Jordan on Jun 17, 2014
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    Everyone has the choice to either be friends with God or friends with the world. In this passage, James gives us seven characteristics of the person who is a friend of God.

    JOURNEY THROUGH JAMES #6: FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD INTRO TO TOPIC: What are some of the most important things in your world? I am sure that most of you would say it is your friendships. Have you ever pondered what it means that we have the opportunity to become friends with God, the Creator of the more

  • Curing Church Conflict-3

    Contributed by Byron Sherman on Feb 5, 2014

    3 of 3. James revealed the solution to conflict within the local church body. Church conflict can be cured. But how? The cure for church conflict is challenged/hindered by....

    CURING CHURCH CONFLICT—III—James 4:1-17 Attention: This sermon hit home for many!! A zookeeper wanted to get some extra animals for his zoo, so he decided to compose a letter. The only problem was that he didn't know the plural of "mongoose." He started the letter: "To whom it may more