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  • Don't Get Offended

    Contributed by Jeffery Russell on Nov 7, 2000
    based on 65 ratings

    This message about the life of Joseph in Genesis will help us to depend upon God

    Don’t Get Offended Genesis 50:15-21 A farmer owned a mule that was very important to him because it was a good plowing animal. The mule got sick one day, and the farmer called in the veterinarian. The vet looked the mule over, and then gave the farmer some extremely large pills. The vet more

  • And Joseph Was!

    Contributed by Winson Butler on Apr 16, 2004
    based on 31 ratings

    When the dust settles, what will others say about you! Much was said about Joseph and his encounter with Potiphers wife. We can learn three valuable lessons from his experience.

    "And Joseph Was..." Genesis 39:1-6 Introduction I. In the 1994 Miss Alabama USA Contest one of the young ladies didn’t display the smarts we come to expect from such a contestant. In a way it was humorous to say the least. She was aked the more

  • Finding The Silver Lining Series

    Contributed by Stephen Todd on Apr 21, 2003
    based on 49 ratings

    In this sermon we see Paul finding the silver lining of God’s will in the difficulties of life.

    Philippians 1:12-18 Sunday, January 27, 2002 As most of you know by now I am a Murphy’s Law kind of guy. I never knew before that there are some basic principles that were laid down by the actual Captain Murphy. Not surprisingly there were thirteen of them. 1. Nothing is as easy as it more

  • New Wine Into Old Bottles

    Contributed by Anthony Smith on Nov 12, 2003
    based on 20 ratings

    Replaceing the old with the new.Responsibility to God and yourself.

    New Bottles and Old Wine. Luke 5:36-39 And He spake also a parable unto them, No man putteth a piece of a new garment upon an old, if otherwise, then both the new maketh a rent, and the piece that was taken out of the new agreeth not with the old. And more

  • Hook, Line And Sinker

    Contributed by Mark Hiehle on Jul 10, 2001
    based on 191 ratings

    This sermon, based upon James 1:13-18 clearly sets forth how we can win over temptation.

    James 1:13-18 "Hook, Line and Sinker" By Pastor Mark Hiehle There is almost nothing like it in the world. To see the eyes and expression on a little boy’s face the very first time he experiences it. Little boys dream about it. Old men still tell about it with great more

  • Promises You Can Count On

    Contributed by Richard Crow on Sep 17, 2001
    based on 117 ratings

    Even in the midst of trials and difficult circumstances, God keeps His promises. His promise of assurance, experiences of life, and a wonderful plan for believers is important to all of us in our Christian growth.

    Promises You Can Count On Romans 8:28-31 Sept 17, 2001 (After World Trade Center Collapsed) God uses trials and sufferings in our lives to help us grow and mature as Christians If we can grasp that truth, we will face the trials of our life with a whole new outlook Romans 8:28-31 meets more

  • Living A Focused Life - Part 2 Series

    Contributed by David Derry on Nov 22, 2002
    based on 40 ratings

    How to stay focused when tempted - Joseph vs. David

    Living a Focused Life – Part 2 November 10, 2002 This week as we continue our series, living a focused life, we will be talking about how to focus on what can’t be seen. Read about the Titanic from pages 1-2 of “Beneath the Surface”. Just as the sinking of the Titanic is reality, sadly more

  • Favor--Walking In The Favor Of The Lord - Part 1 Series

    Contributed by Jerry Vargo on Dec 14, 2003
    based on 221 ratings

    The Favor of God is a neglected topic that robs every believer of the blessings of God.

    If you use any or all of this message--would you be willing to fire off a quick email I would like to have an idea of how often my sermons are actually being preached to strengthen the Body of Christ. Thanks! Walking in the Favor of the Lord By Pastor Jerry C. more

  • Doing The Right Thing Series

    Contributed by Paul Decker on Jul 7, 2003
    based on 137 ratings

    We must have the courage to do the right thing.

    DOING THE RIGHT THING Genesis 39:1-23 S: Courage Th: Profiles in Courage Pr: WE MUST HAVE THE COURAGE TO DO THE RIGHT THING. ?: Inductive KW: Segments TS: We will breakdown the story of Joseph in Genesis 39 into six sections that will show how he handled adversity. The _____ section more

  • The Joseph Bag

    Contributed by Andy Almendarez on Apr 9, 2002
    based on 65 ratings

    Using a multicolored bag to illustrate the major events of the life of Joseph adults and children alike can see how God was at work in the life of Joseph and can be at work in your life as well.

    The Joseph Bag Genesis 37-41 Today I would like to tell you a story about a man named Joseph. By a show of hands how many of you have heard of Joseph? Joseph’s story is found in the book of Genesis. Joseph’s life teaches us many things. One important thing about Joseph is that even though hard more

  • Chapter 12 Revelation Series

    Contributed by Rodney Fry on Aug 23, 2004
    based on 21 ratings

    Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation

    Revelation Chapter 12 VS 1-2 there is the first character in the great tribulation – a women with child. Look how the woman bursts upon the scene. She is said to be a great “wonder” a sign from heaven, also she is in heaven. This means that she is the heavenly representative of some more

  • Why?

    Contributed by Christopher Arch on Sep 25, 2001
    based on 69 ratings

    This message was delivered the Sunday following the New York City World Trade Center tragedy.

    Title: ?Why?? Scripture: Lk 13: 1-5 Type: Special Occasion ? Sept. 11, 2001 Bombing Where: GNBC 9-16-01 Intro: On Tuesday morning I was reading the Cedar Rapids Gaz., and drinking my coffee when came upon an interesting editorial for the day. Bill Ferguson, columnist for the Warner Robins more

  • Grace Transforms

    Contributed by David Swensen on Jan 9, 2002
    based on 38 ratings

    As we allow ourselves to be moved and motivated by God’s amazing tranforming grace, wonderful, life-giving changes occur. Let us learn more about God’s Transforming Grace.

    Victor Hugo wrote a great novel, Les Miserables. The novel opens with a young man named John Valjean, who had been unjustly imprisoned for seven years for a small offense. He left the prison with a rage in his soul. In the musical this is portrayed in the opening scenes as Valjean tries to find more

  • Life Lessons For Our Spiritual Journey Series

    Contributed by Larry Sarver on Sep 13, 2002
    based on 116 ratings

    A teaching message on Genesis 35

    Genesis Series #59 September 15, 2002 Title: Life Lessons for Our Spiritual Journey Email: <> Website: Welcome to New Life in Christ. Today we continue with message #59 in our verse-by-verse study of the Book more

  • Freedom To Be What God Wants Us To Be

    Contributed by Dennis Selfridge on Jul 26, 2004
    based on 31 ratings

    No matter where we are we can be free if God is first in our life

    FREEDOM TO BE WHAT GOD WANTS US TO BE Genesis 39:1-23 Joseph was the next to youngest of Jacob’s twelve sons. Joseph had to face much to get his freedom as a ruler but he was free all the time because God was with him. Can it be said of you the lord is with you? He came from a great home but a more