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  • The Messiah's Manifesto

    Contributed by Jim Pye on Jan 27, 2001
    based on 99 ratings

    Jesus fulfils the mission that Isaih spoke of.

  • The Manifesto Of Jesus

    Contributed by Aubrey Vaughan on Jan 30, 2007
    based on 1 rating

    Opening up the manifesto of Jesus

    Could you imagine president bush or the queen visiting your neighbourhood you would go to great lengths to pull out all the stops, with the fanfare and pagentry, no doubt. Well I want to say there was a greater visitation this planet has ever witnesssed 20 centuries ago when Jesus of Nazerath ...read more

  • What Kind Of Gospel

    Contributed by Malcolm Chester on Jan 5, 2010
    based on 10 ratings

    A sermon based on the manifesto of Jesus from Luke Chapter 4

    A minister managed to run out of fuel in his car just 100 metres from a petrol station. He looked in the boot only to realise that he’d left the petrol can at home. All he could find was his baby’s potty. So he took it, walked the 100 metres to the garage, filled it with petrol and returned to the ...read more

  • Elections...elections...

    Contributed by Suresh Manoharan on Oct 19, 2012
    based on 1 rating

    At a time Election fever is in the air, Yours truly has woven a message around the acronym "E.L.E.C.T" focusing on simple yet profound aspects’ of Christ’s ministry and Christian life.

    ELECTIONS...ELECTIONS... Hey, the Election Fever is in the air. The International media in recent times has been abuzz with US Presidential Election News. The campaign speeches and moves of the Presidential candidates are analyzed by every News ...read more

  • Single And Satisfied Series

    Contributed by Brian Bill on Dec 13, 2005
    based on 16 ratings

    Did you know that there’s an entire chapter in the Bible that celebrates singleness and explodes multiple marital myths? Please turn to 1 Corinthians 7 to find Paul’s manifesto on marriage and his treatise on singleness.

  • A Passion For The Christ

    Contributed by Fidel Patron on Mar 10, 2008
    based on 1 rating

    There is a need for a ’right’ belief in the life of the believer to re-awaken our passion for Christ

    In the last verse from our reading today from John 11:1-45 we read “Many of the people who were with Mary believed in Jesus when they saw this happen.” (John 1:45 NLT) The question I would like to ask this morning is, where did that believe take them? Remember how near we are to Good Friday, ...read more

  • A Study Of The Book Of Romans Lesson #1 Series

    Contributed by James May on Aug 15, 2014
    based on 1 rating

    This is an on-going expository study of the Book of Romans, verse by verse.

    Book of Romans Study Introduction & Romans 1:1-2 Tonight we will begin an expository study of the Epistle to the Romans, which was written under the anointing of the Holy Spirit by Paul, the Apostle. This letter to the Romans has often been called “the Constitution of ...read more

  • An Invitation To Prayer - Part 1 Of 2

    Contributed by Naveen Balakrishnan on May 18, 2004
    based on 24 ratings

    In this passage Jeremiah reveals the heart of God when He calls His children to prayer and the promises that He bestows to those who are obedient - Message Part 1 of 2

    “An Invitation To Prayer” – Part 1 of 2 Jeremiah 33:1-3 A. The Word of the LORD is not RESTRAINED. (v. 1) 2 Timothy 2:9; Acts 28:31; Philippians 1:7; Colossians 4:3; Jeremiah 39:15; 43:8 1. The Word of the LORD came to Jeremiah a SECOND time. (v. 1a) Genesis 22:15; 1 Kings 9:2; ...read more

  • Full Of Sound And Fury Series

    Contributed by Dan Cale on Feb 13, 2006
    based on 4 ratings

    This is part 3 of a 5 part series on surviving the storms of life. Thunderstorms represent the next level of storms in life. Storms that have some danger but are usually short lived. Themes of refuge and strength are discussed.

    Surviving the Storms of Life Full of Sound and Fury Psalm 46 We have been talking over the last two weeks about surviving and even thriving amidst the storms of life. Last week we looked at the April showers of the storm world. Those storms that make life difficult, that increase the stress of ...read more

  • Good Lessons From A Bad Example Series

    Contributed by Eyriche Cortez on Oct 15, 2008
    based on 4 ratings

    Let us use our present resources to influence, to make a great impact, to make a lasting difference for our future, for eternity.

    This morning, as we are about to enter our Missions Month, we will look into investing in eternity. Let us read the parable of the shrewd steward at Luke 16:1-13.[1] We will look at what is dubbed as one the most difficult parables of the Lord. There are those who accuse the Lord of praising ...read more

  • Our Attitude On Jesus' Beatitudes- Introduction Series

    Contributed by David Tack on Mar 16, 2012

    What is Your Attitude in Regards to The Beatitudes of Jesus Christ found in Matthew 5

    BEATITUDE SERIES: Our Attitude on Jesus’ Beatitudes: Introduction (1) David Tack- March 14, 2012 INTRODUCTION In Matthew Chapter 5 we find Matthews record of Jesus’ teachings on what is commonly known as, the Beatitudes. You may be thinking, good golly; so what, big whoop! ...read more

  • Our Attitude On Jesus’ Beatitudes: Introduction Series

    Contributed by David Tack on Oct 26, 2012
    based on 4 ratings

    An introduction to the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5

    INTRODUCTION In Matthew Chapter 5 we find Matthews record of Jesus’ teachings on what is commonly known as, the Beatitudes. You may be thinking, good golly; so what, big whoop! What does this portion of Scripture have to do with Christianity in 2012? Before, we look at each ...read more

  • The Poor In Spirit Series

    Contributed by Edward Cook on Jun 8, 2003
    based on 9 ratings

    This is the first sermon in a series on the Beatitudes in Matthew 5.

    The Poor in Spirit Scripture reading: Matt. 4:23 - 5:16. Text: Matt. 5:3. I. INTRODUCTION Part of the Sermon on the Mount 1. Make a few remarks about the sermon generally. a. The longest recorded continuous discourse of our Lord. The greatest single sermon of all time. b. Remember ...read more

  • Talk The Walk Or Talk And Talk

    Contributed by Bharat Raaya on Oct 26, 2015

    Jesus walked the talk which is a rarity in this present world and even among Christians. If we are His followers, we must learn our lessons to emulate Him in this.

    Talk the walk or talk and talk? ".........Jesus began both to do and teach" - Acts 1:1 The present day politicians lure their voters with their manifestos which they promise to perform if they are elected to that coveted position. But most often they fail miserably because they have ...read more

  • Raising Boy's; Not Mending Men

    Contributed by Howard Strickland on Jun 20, 2006
    based on 7 ratings

    A Father’s day word to Men who want to become Priest!

    Investing in Your Seed Text: Proverbs 22:6 6). Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. (It’s time to Raise Boys Instead of Mending Men.) Show film on father’s from sermonspice.com (Thanks Dad) Training includes hands on, following by ...read more