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  • Maximize The Moment

    Contributed by Nathaniel Sadela on Oct 19, 2017

    Walk circumspectly! Be wise... Take responsibility for your life. Take charge and make a proof of your God-given ministry, stay in the place of your calling...

    Ephesians 5:14-17; 1 Chronicles 12:32 The word ‘maximize’ simply means to make the best use of something. This message encourages us to make the best use of the resource called time to discover and to fulfil God's purpose for our lives. The phrase ‘maximize the moment’ suggests that you don't more

  • Maximize Your Spiritual Riches Series

    Contributed by Shawn Drake on Mar 13, 2019
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    This is the 10th sermon in the "Accounting" series from the Book of Ephesians.

    Series: Accounting [#10] MAXIMIZE YOUR SPIRITUAL RICHES Ephesians 3:14-21 Introduction: Having 6 kids, 3 daughter-in-laws, 1 son-in-law, and 1 grandchild changes your perspective on things. Every single one of them is completely different than the others, (including the twins). As I watch them more

  • Maximizing The Blessings Of Godly Influence

    Contributed by Bishop Prof. Julius Soyinka on Mar 6, 2018
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    Influences that affect our lives are only one side of the coin. The other is all about the influence that we have on others. To influence others is both a privilege and a great responsibility.

    MAXIMISING THE BLESSINGS OF GODLY INFLUENCE Study Text: Psalms 1 : 1 - 3 Introduction: - Influence is the power or capacity of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command. It is the power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways to more

  • Grice's Quality Maxim Series

    Contributed by Sterling Franklin on Feb 7, 2002
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    Generally good guidelines to follow in basic Communications, Grice’s Maxims can be used to improve our Evangelism skills and serve the Lord!

    Using Grice’s Maxims for Optimal Evangelism 1 - Grice’s Quality Maxim Though Paul Grice was a philosopher and not a theologian, he had principles that can apply in sharing our Faith with others seeking and curious about Christianity. ’Grice’s Maxims’ were his ideas for effective more

  • Esther: Maximizing Ministry Potential Series

    Contributed by Brian Bill on Mar 26, 2003
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    One of the most exciting stings in all of literature is found in a true story that has been preserved for us in the Bible. It contains some romance and a lot of action and has a plot that contains more twists than a treacherous mountain road. If you’re

    Esther: Maximizing Ministry Potential Beth and I enjoy watching movies but we don’t always like the same kind. She usually prefers the love stories while I go for the action-oriented ones. On rare occasions, we find a movie that has both romance and action. Actually, even though I often make a more

  • How To Maximize Your Joy

    Contributed by Paul Fritz on Oct 18, 2000
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    Sometimes the reason why we have not experienced joy is our failure to ask God for His deliverance and help. Jesus said, In John 16:24 - UNTIL NOW YOU HAVE NOT ASKED ANYTHING IN MY NAME. AKS AND YOU WILL RECEIVE AND YOUR JOY WILL BE COMPLETE

  • Maximizing Your Life Series

    Contributed by Sesan Banjo on Jan 10, 2012
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    Learn what it takes to maximize your life and the results of your life

  • Learn To Maximize Your Focus

    Contributed by Wade Martin Hughes, Sr on Dec 8, 2014

    Understand the role of a PLUMMET? Start a new work right? Negative situations are great opportunities if we handle them right.

  • Maximizing Your Potential

    Contributed by Bob Briggs on Dec 15, 2000
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    What does it take to realize the God given potential each has been given?

  • The Key To Maximizing Your Ministry Is Wisdom

    Contributed by Otis Mcmillan on May 4, 2022

    Have you ever thought about your full potential? What does it take to maximize your potential in Ministry? Human beings are created by God, in his image to fulfill our god given purpose. Jesus came that we might live life to the fullest measure.

    Sermon The Key to Maximizing Your Ministry Proverbs 30:24-28 “There are four things on earth That are small but unusually wise: 25 Ants—they aren’t strong, but they store up food all summer. 26 Rock Badger—they aren’t powerful, but they make their homes among the rocks. 27 Locusts—they have no more

  • Living Above Excuses Series

    Contributed by Onaefe Edebi on May 5, 2014

    Inspiration for This Day

  • Inspiration This Day Series

    Contributed by Onaefe Edebi on May 2, 2014

    'This Day' is a daily series on practical inspirational guide for living your best life with joy, peace and fulfilment.

  • Maximizing Your Impact (Acts - Part 19) Series

    Contributed by Jeff Christopherson on Jan 15, 2005
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    How to let history know that you showed up!

    Maximizing your impact Acts Series: “Completely Irreligious, Yet Radically Christian” Part 19 Pastor Jeff Christopherson May 25, 2003 Acts 11:19-30 HOW TO LET HISTORY KNOW THAT YOU SHOWED UP (the example of Barnabas) 1. Look for God’s Activity. “Now those who had more

  • Maximize Your Experience - Genesis 37:5-36 Series

    Contributed by Scott Turansky on Jul 25, 2021
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    There are two different aspects of the Christian life. I call it the academic side and then also the experiential side.

    There are two different aspects of the Christian life. I call it the academic side and then also the experiential side. The academic side is where we learn the Bible stories and so on from God’s word. Now when we’re teaching children we teach them about 200 Bible stories. And then of course there’s more

  • Opportunity

    Contributed by Chidi Ejeagba on Jan 10, 2019
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    Our natural abilities and professional trainings are not enough to guarantee success.

    Our theme this Year is “Fruitfulness” this means not just bearing fruits but sharing them. And the fruit we are talking about here is “the fruit of the spirit” we are talking about the qualities of character. Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, more