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  • Low Sunday's Trivia Quiz. Are The Answers That Easy?

    Contributed by Gordon Mcculloch on Dec 11, 2014

    Today is "Low Sunday", Christmas has come and gone, so today we will have a Nativity Trivia Quiz. Yes I am sure you know it all, but do you. Let us see!

    This sermon was delivered to St Oswald’s in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland on the 26th December 2010 by Gordon McCulloch (a Scottish Episcopal Church in the Dioceses of Glasgow and Dumfries). Welcome Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Today is ...read more

  • Not A Trivial Pursuit

    Contributed by John Beehler on Aug 14, 2003
    based on 63 ratings

    It is wise to make good use of your time

    Not A Trivial Pursuit Some of you might remember the game Trivial Pursuit. It came out in 1981. The object of the game was to answer a correct question in each of 6 categories such as Geography, Sports and Leisure, History, and Science and Nature. Some, well okay, most, of the ...read more

  • Game Shows: Some Questions Aren't So Trivial

    Contributed by Larry Brincefield on Jul 16, 2004
    based on 44 ratings

    Jesus asks 3 questions that we all must answer. 1. What do you want? 2. What will you give in exchange for your soul? 3. Are you able to drink the cup I drink?

    Sermon written by Pastor Larry C. Brincefield; preached on 7/11/04 Title: Game Shows: Some Questions aren’t so trivial Text: Mark 10:35-39a; Mark 8:37 Introduction 1. I used to love to watch game shows (back when I watched more tv). • Jeopardy • Wheel of Fortune • Hollywood ...read more

  • Trivial Pursuit - The Consequence Of Ignoring God's Will Series

    Contributed by Ken Kersten on Jun 1, 2004
    based on 23 ratings

    Games People Play - Trivial Pursuit - a look at following the will of God to keep life from being a "Trivial Pursuit".

    Trivial Pursuit Mark 8:36-37 We are continuing our series on Games that People Play. Now most of you probably have played today’s game Trivial Pursuit or one of its many spin-offs. The original Trivial Pursuit came out in 1981, which makes it relatively young compared to the classics, ...read more

  • Trivial Pursuit

    Contributed by Jeremy Poling on Apr 4, 2011

    We must be careful to not allow small things to affect us greatly.

    1Sa 26:18 And he said, Wherefore doth my lord thus pursue after his servant? for what have I done? or what evil is in mine hand? 1Sa 26:19 Now therefore, I pray thee, let my lord the king hear the words of his servant. If the LORD have stirred thee up against me, let him accept an offering: but ...read more

  • The Second Word Series

    Contributed by Charles Cockroft on Feb 25, 2008
    based on 99 ratings

    The study on Angel Ministry is not just a time of something to tickle our minds with like Bible trivia. It is an important study to help you live an overcoming, victorious life

    Angel Ministry #3 Commissioning, Second Word The study on Angel Ministry is not just a time of something to tickle our minds with like Bible trivia. It is an important study to help you live an overcoming, victorious life. Most Christians consider Angels as Old ...read more

  • Waiting For A Hot Ride Series

    Contributed by Jeff Strite on Feb 27, 2012
    based on 97 ratings

    How many times did God’s people cross water that had parted for them? And what does this simple trivia question tell us about God’s main message in Scripture?

    OPEN: I love trivia. I enjoy all kinds of trivia games. AND being a preacher, I especially love Bible trivia. In fact, I’ve even came up with my own Bible trivia question that I use sometimes to stump other preachers once in awhile. The Question: “How many times in Scripture did people ...read more

  • When The Worm Turns Series

    Contributed by Paul Green on Aug 7, 2009
    based on 19 ratings

    God’s concern is people. And He uses you and me to reach them. Do you share His passion for people. Or are you more wrapped up in your own concerns. Too busy fighting unimportant, trivia. Consumed by your own well-being, your own desires, your own co

    I think that one of the most incredible, humble, genuine Christians who ever lived is a lady called Cornelia Johanna Arnolda ten Boom, better known as Corrie ten Boom. During the second world war Corrie and her family (her father, and brothers and sisters) were heavily involved in the Dutch ...read more

  • I Never Thought It Would Be Like This!"

    Contributed by James Wilson on Nov 23, 2000
    based on 58 ratings

    What do you do when life disappoints you?

    "I never thought it would be like this!" What do you do when life disappoints you Romans 12:1-2 Have you ever played Bible Trivia? I've played it twice--the first and the last time. My father and I, both pastors, were on a team against my sister and my mother. Our team took a real drumming. ...read more

  • From Knowledge To Conviction:

    Contributed by John Harvey on Nov 17, 2004
    based on 33 ratings

    Christians must grow in their faith. It is not enough to just know about being a Christian, we must put the knowledge into action

    “From Knowledge to Conviction: Growing Up Without Growing Stale” 11-21-04 Intro: Food that expires or goes bad Bread left out Juice or Milk that has spoiled Twinkies- do not have an endless shelf life- Go bad after 25 days The key to spiritual maturity is to grow up in ...read more

  • Blessed Are The Merciful

    Contributed by David Taylor on Oct 7, 2004
    based on 3 ratings

    Waht it means to be merciful

    Sermon on Mount Blessed are the merciful In the beatitudes, Jesus’ aim was to create a lifestyle in his followers that would make people think about the value of God, or to glorify God. The beatitudes start out showing us our great need for God and then the rest show us what it means to live ...read more

  • Mastermind

    Contributed by Eric Ferguson on Jun 8, 2008
    based on 4 ratings

    Help students discover how much of the world their mind is conformed to rather than that of Christ. You will show students how to conform their mind to Christ from the book of Colossians.

    OPENER: NAME THAT TV SHOW Use several scenes to have teens guess what the name of the show is that you have chosen. Powerpoint slides available upon request----- (slides depict show titles from popular TV shows) Following Opening activity: Use two of those lights that you push down with ...read more

  • Gideon, Mighty What?????? Series

    Contributed by Timothy Enns on Mar 1, 2012
    based on 4 ratings

    A Character sketch of the life of Gideon!

    If there is something you may or may not know about me it is this: I love trivia and Lindsay says does not know where I store all that useless information and wonders where it came from. When we watch Jeopardy, she asks “how did you know that?” I play an online trivia game with people ...read more

  • God's Hand In Our Luck Series

    Contributed by Jonathan Mcleod on Sep 8, 2009
    based on 5 ratings

    Did the events of Ruth 2 happen because of good luck or divine intervention?

    [To receive free, weekly sermons contact jonrmcleod@yahoo.com; for sermon audio, visit http://jonathan-mcleod.blogspot.com/] GOOD LUCK? Choir practice at the West Side Baptist Church in Beatrice, Nebraska, always began on Wednesday evenings at 7:20. At 7:25 p.m. on Wednesday, March 1, 1950, ...read more

  • Searching For Christmas

    Contributed by John Harvey on Nov 30, 2006

    Finding the central focus of Christmas in the busy society of America.

    “Searching for Christmas” December 3, 2006 Me: One of my favorite Christmas memories is of an event that happened when I was about six years old. I am the youngest of six kids, and Christmas around my house when I was growing up was a wild adventure. I remember on this particular Christmas ...read more