Summary: This sermon is about chosing Christ as the center of our lives

Sheepgate – John 10: 1 - 10

Intro: God never closes a door that God doesn’t open a window. --- What are our expectations of doors and gates? – way in or out, security.

I. What we expect of a door or gate often depends on which side of them we stand.

A. “Who is it? “ “It’s me?” “Who’s me?” --- Verse 2 – 3 answers. 2 ways: he goes in the right way and by voice.

B. Ancient people believe knowing their name implied having power over someone.

C. Humanity’s greatest need? --- to be recognized (3b) – “He calls his own sheep by name.”

II. Which would you prefer? “I’m behind you all the way.” Or “I’ll show you the way.”

A. There is a great difference between the two. Favorite expression, “I’ve got your back!”

B. But Christ Jesus, the Good Shepherd taught us differently. Verse 4 – “He goes on ahead of them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice.”

C. We have experiences that cause us to trust, follow and obey God not out of fear; but, out of assurance through past actions.

III. Christ Jesus is not only the Good Shepherd, he is the Sheep Gate. (Verses 7) --- What does that mean? Square pen made of piled rocks with only one entrance and no gate or door – the shepherd was the gate.

A. Verse 8 – 9a Christ Jesus is, for us, the gate, the door. Christ Jesus is the gate of salvation – the one and only way to God.

B. Christ Jesus is the gate of security – Verse 9b “he will come in and go out,” no matter what the trial or temptation we rest secure in God’s presence.

C. Christ Jesus is the gate of satisfaction – Verse 10 “and find pasture.” Our Lord will supply our needs.

Conclu: Monty Hall – LET’S MAKE A DEAL! – 3 doors and you choose – sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. --- With Jesus, the gate, the sheepgate, we always win! You and I must choose to enter by the gate or forever remain on the outside looking in.

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