Summary: Knowing Christ Jesus in a personal way as savior and Lord brings richness and depth to our lives.

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Spirit of Power / 2 Timothy 1: 1 - 14

Intro: We live in a world of fear – fear of terrorism, inadequacy, what others think, disease, financial insecurity, unknown. Paul in prison / Timothy friend of one criminal and follower of another. Paul writes to help Tim with fear.

!. Verse 7 – “For God . . . and of self-discipline.” – Power over self.

A. Verse 8 – “join me in suffering” – martyr complex. Suicide bombers.

B. Verse 9b – “not according to our works” – Relying on power from God.

C. True power comes from outside of self – true power comes from turning self over to God. – Not what I can do; but, what God can do through me.

II. Easy to be a Christian when life is going great! – But, we are required to be a Christian when life seems unlivable. – Vs. 11-12a – “I am not ashamed.”

A. Many drift away from church because they are not taught how to live Christian life.

B. Nicky Cruz was a member of the gangs of New York City lead a rough life because he didn’t know any better. No one had ever taught him about love, respect or Christ.

C. Paul says in essence, it isn’t what you do that makes you a Christian, it is who you know. Knowing the risen Christ is what makes you a Christian.

III. Knowing God intimately gives us POWER! Vs. 12b – “for I know . . . entrusted to him.”

A. There are those who have heard about Jesus but who do not know him. Verse 13 – “Hold to the standard . . . “

B. We do not begin to understand life until its meaning is brought to light for us in Christ.

C. Knowing God brings inner peace. Seeking God’s purpose brings peace to our world.

Conclu: Faith in God expressed in the commitment of our life to the cause of Christ is the greatest antidote to fear. – “For I know the one in whom I have put my trust, and I am sure that he is able to guard until that day what I have entrusted to him.”

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