Summary: We as believers have a great assurance and security. We are only studying four verses tonight but in these verses we will see five of these assurances.

We as believers have a great assurance and security. We are only studying four verses tonight but in these verses we will see five of these assurances.

READ v. 37. There are actually two assurances that we are given in this verse. The first one is God’s predestination. And let’s not misinterpret the word “predestination.” Many hear the word “predestination” and they think, “I don’t have to do anything when it comes to God because He has predestined if I am going to be saved or not.” But this is not what being predestined means.

The meaning of verse 37 is clear. It is those whom “the Father gives” that come to Christ. We need to note that the stress is not predestination; it is assurance to the believer. Christ wants believers to take heart and to be assured of their salvation. It is God who has drawn believers, who has moved upon and stirred them to come to Christ.

We need to note that there is a predestination thread that runs throughout the book of John. Things are controlled and happen as God means them to happen. The purpose of God is being done. And if we would admit it, doesn’t God rules and control all things?

So if we decide to come to God when He stirs us from within, then God will give us to Christ. And then we have a second assurance—and that is Jesus’ Word.

There is a great security in this verse. Jesus clearly says that any person that comes to Him will never be driven away. Jesus was claiming the authority to accept and reject men. He accepts the person who comes to Him, the person who turns from the world and the sinful nature (the flesh) to Him.

So Jesus gives us His Word. Whoever come to me I will never, no never drive away.” The believer’s assurance and security are as good as Jesus’ Word. If Jesus is the “Bread of Life” that He claims to be, then a person who comes to Him for spiritual nourishment can rest assured that:

• Jesus will receive them into God’s household.

• Jesus will feed, nourish, satisfy, and fill them.

• Jesus will not cast them away.

• He will keep His Word with every generation of people.

Jesus said in Luke 21:33 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

READ v. 38. Here we have a third assurance—the assurance of Jesus’ purpose. He came to do God’s Will. Let’s note two things here.

1. He declared His origin. He came down out of heaven.

2. Jesus came not to do His own will, but the will of God.

a. We have to realize that Jesus had a mind and a will that were distinct and separate from God. He could will and act as He chose. His choice was voiced in the Garden of Gethsemane when He prayer, “Not my will but Thine be done.” If we think about that scene we see that Jesus actually willed something different from God. He willed the cup to be removed, for some way other than the cross to be chosen for man’s salvation. Jesus had a distinct, separate will from God.

b. But Christ subjected His will to God’s will. He fought and struggled to control His mind and will to do exactly as God willed, and He conquered His will. He always succeeded. In every instance He subjected Himself totally to God. He always did what God willed—perfectly.

So in this the believer’s assurance is Jesus’ purpose. He set out to do God’s will and He did it perfectly. The believer can rest assured—Jesus is the full revelation of God. What Jesus did—everything He did—is a picture of the perfect will of God. So a person can come to Jesus for spiritual food and nourishment and know that He is coming to God.

READ v. 39. The fourth assurance is God’s will for those whom He gives to Christ. Again we see it stressed that God sent Christ. Again we see Jesus call God “His Father.” This stresses the care and love of God. God’s will is like the will of a father for his children. He wills only good and loving things.

1. God wills to give some followers to his Son. These are the ones that choose to believe in God and in His Son. And to those, they know they are not lost, not ever.

2. God wills that Jesus should lose nothing. The words “I shall lose none” mean that He will not lose anything, not even a fragment, not any part of what God has given to Him. In other words, once we believe in Jesus and accept Him, God gives us to Jesus so that none that accept him, not even one will be lost. It was true while Jesus was on earth. He lost none. READ Jn. 17:12. It will also be true of every believer throughout history.

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