Summary: Now the sixth trumpet is going to sound and another horde of demons come forth. This time there is a difference.

So far we have seen the first 5 trumpets blast. We have seen 1/3 of the vegetation of the earth destroyed, 1/3 of the water supply, the sea life, and the shipping and fishing commerce of the world. We saw the demonic-like plague of locusts. They were like scorpions, inflicting injury and agonizing pain on man but not killing man.

Now the sixth trumpet is going to sound and another horde of demons come forth. This time there is a difference. These are military demons, and they will take their toll on human life. An enormous number of the ungodly and evil of the world will die under this woe judgment. READ 12-15

The 5th, 6th, and 7th trumpets announce the woe judgments. These are the judgments that zero in on afflicting the bodies of the ungodly. We see in 13-15 that there are four fallen angels set loose. Four facts are seen about their being set loose.

1. They are set loose by a command coming from the golden altar. This is the altar of incense where the prayers of God’s people are kept. This symbolizes that God launches this judgment to vindicate the millions who will be slaughtered in the holocaust of the antichrist. The very prayers of the golden altar cry out for the name of God to be vindicated against those who laughed, mocked, and rejected God.

2. The four released angels are bound at the great river Euphrates. Note that the definite article THE is used. The four angels. They are four specific angels. Why would they come from the river Euphrates? Once again, we are not told but theologians say there are two likely reasons.

a. The head or spring of the Euphrates River flowed out of the Garden of Eden. It was there where Satan first tempted and overthrew man. The first sin of the human race took place there. It is where the first organized rebellion against God took place.

b. The Euphrates was the western boundary of the promise land that God promise to Abraham.

3. The four fallen angels were loosed and they prepared to execute a judgment upon the earth; the judgment of slaying 1/3 of the ungodly and evil population of the world. Literally millions will be slaughtered.

4. The fourth fact is seen in verse 15. God has already set the time for this judgment. There is an exact year, month, day, and even hour that this judgment is to fall upon the ungodly and evil

READ 16-19. Now we see the military horsemen and their ugly horses. 3 things are said about this demonic horde.

1. There will be an army of two hundred million. Imagine an army of two hundred million demonic spirits let loose upon the earth. This will be the army that the four fallen angels will command, an army such as the world has never seen before.

2. The riders will have breastplates that are red, blue, and yellow. These breastplates symbolize that they will be indestructible, protected and defended as they go to war against the ungodly of the world. Man will not be able to stop them.

3. The horses will be horrible and add terror upon terror on the ungodly.

- Heads like lions – ferocious, fierce.

- Mouths that spit out fire, fire of a hellish nature.

- They will kill 1/3 of the ungodly and evil upon the earth by the plague of fire smoke and brimstone. Note that the actual weapons of these demons are not mentioned, but the fire, smoke, and brimstone sounds like an atomic explosion.

- Their power is in their mouths, heads, and tails. The head shows intelligence, the mouth symbolizes deceptive speech and a hunger to consume and destroy, and the snake-like tails symbolize poisonous strikes and deadly wounds.

You hear people all the time saying that they don’t understand the book of Revelation. All you have to do is believe. Then read it. If you simply believe and read it, it is very clear. The problem with those who say they don’t understand it is that they really don’t believe it.

So, at this point, 1/3 of the population of the world is killed. Remember that ¼ of the world’s population had already been destroyed under the fourth seal. READ 20-21.

The ungodly and evil survivors of the earth still don’t repent and turn to God. 2/3 of the population will survive because God is merciful. Even in the midst of judgment, God is still merciful. He will give the ungodly of the earth another chance to repent, speaking to them through the judgments, but they will not repent.

You say, “How can they see all this devastation and killing and still not repent?” Well, it’s happening and has been happening on earth for years. I like the way Lehman Strauss put it. He said,

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