Summary: Are there things that we do as Christians that hinder people in developing a relationship with Christ Jesus?

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Walls Instead of Bridges

Mark 10: 2 – 16

Intro: There isn’t much that I remember from my childhood. Mostly, I remember the “thou shalt nots” like, “if you don’t eat your carrots, you’ll go blind. Never put your hat on the table or on the bed. Don’t eat with your fingers. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Don’t leave any food on your plate. Don’t touch the woodwork. Don’t put your feet on the furniture. Don’t use your shirt sleeve for a napkin or Kleenex. Never try on someone else’s hat. Don’t borrow what you don’t intend to return. The list goes on and on. How was a mere child supposed to remember all these laws of the household?

I. Verse 2 “IS IT LAWFUL . . .? – They already knew the answer, so why did they ask?

A. To trap Jesus – Herod situation – same as with John the Baptizer.

B. Herod divorced married brothers wife – Shemen conservative party.

C. Jesus answers question w/ question VS 3

II. Jesus emphasizes permanence and sanctity of Marriage.

A. Does not replace one rule with another. Jesus is not a legalist.

B. Quotes Genesis – VS 6 & 7 – This is God’s INTENTION for humanity; but, humanity has other ideas.

C. Divorce is a sin – like any other sin that can be and is forgiven by God. When we marry, we intend to stay that way; but, sometimes things happen that make that impossible.

III. We must not take out of context “the little Children” story that follows. --- It give the intent of Jesus’ teaching. HINDERING

A. Laws, legalism, customs and traditions can build walls between people and between people and God. This is not God’s will

B. Pharisees / Disciples “hindering” the people by building walls of laws around God, barring the way for people. Causing them to stumble. BUILDING WALLS INSTEAD OF BRIDGES.

C. God’s intention is for us to be close to each other and to Him. As God’s children, we must be building bridges and not walls.

Conclusion – The kingdom belongs to children, those who love unconditionally, forgive easily; those who build bridges of loving kindness for others to cross and find the power and forgiveness of God waiting for them on the other side.

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