Summary: A small and simple explanation of what being born again is all about.

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There are a number of belief systems in the world today, and naturally, they all claim to be “The Truth.”

So, if we define truth as being relative to things that change, then what is presented by any belief system has to be equal, in validity, to anything else presented. This would be so because if truth is attached to “changeable reality” then nothing remains eternal or unchangeable.

However; if we define truth as that “which is real” then truth becomes the foundation and the explanation of reality, not just a variable that is changed by it.

So, the point here is, that what you accept as truth (however it is defined) shapes what you are, how you act, how you think and how and why you decide to do or not to do any given thing under any given circumstance.

But know this also: What you believe is what you choose to believe. Therefore it is your own responsibility to yourself to seek out the truth, not just to accept ‘a’ or ‘any’ truth.

Here is where it gets very interesting.

Yahweh, Creator of all that is, has created in us the ability to recognize truth when we seek truth with an honest and contrite a heart.

When we decide that Yahweh is, He turns on, so to speak, our truth recognition systems. When we seek Yahweh and His truths, we will see and understand truth in a way that was not possible prior to that decision.

We are being bombarded with a multiplicity of belief systems which have at their core, the “rule” of applied ignorance: “Truth is relative.” But what truth is relative to, is never clearly stated...this is because, to make truth relative to anything is an absurd notion. To connect truth to anything outside of the absolutes that Yahweh has created is folly. It becomes the criterion for ignorance.

What the “truth is relative” crowd is trying for, is to change the focus of spiritual reality from Yahweh to man. In other words, if truth is only relative to Yahweh then He controls all truth...but if truth is relative and man makes the decision as to what relative means, then truth is customized to fit whatever circumstance man needs to have it fit, which puts man in charge of truth...not Yahweh. This belief system relegates Yahweh, in effect, to some inoperable role in this time. Ignorance run amok!

This system of belief also elevates man above Yahweh; defining truth and what it is relative to...which is idol worship of the ego of man. Ouch!

The Bible teaches us that Yahweh is not the author of confusion. If you are confused about the truth of your spiritual nature, or the nature of the Spiritual Reality that is Yahweh, it is because you have accepted, to some degree or another, conflicting “truths” into your own personal belief system and they constantly clash against reason.

Yahweh has said that we must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. It is not Yahweh’s responsibility to decide what each of us believes. But He helps us by giving us some basic truths about Himself: He is truth; He is Love; He is the Way; He is Yahweh and there is none like Him.

In confusion, the battle of reason is always on. We all must whittle away those “false truths” so that we can see the pure truths that Yahweh says are His. He has given us the reasoning faculty to do this job...we must seek Him with a open heart determined to see and hear the truth and then to change our belief systems to accommodate what we learn from Him. It will change our lives when this decision is acted upon. This is what being born again is about.

Contrary to what other belief systems say about Christian faith being blind; it is not blind faith that works, but our faith is blind to what comes against the knowledge of Yahweh, for when someone elevates their ideas and opinions above what Yahweh says is true, we loose faith in Yahweh and begin to believe man...which is idol worship...self worship, which is foolish to contemplate.

Christian faith requires that we seek out the knowledge of Yahweh and that we make choices in our lives to believe Yahweh and what He has promised. Our faith works by acting on Yahweh’s promises as though they are present now...but knowledge of them is required before we can act on them. One can not use a tool for work unless one knows that the task requires a tool and how it should work to complete the task. Faith is that tool that Yahweh has given us to accomplish His will on earth; it is the tool that He has provided us to accomplish change in the world. But unless we know Yahweh and unless we learn what His will is, we don’t know the task and we don’t know how to use the tool to get it done. Our faith is not blind, it requires knowledge and decision and action. Faith is not passive and it is not weak. Faith in Yahweh replaces our puny strength with His strength. Faith replaces hope for something into the thing itself.

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