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"Archaeologists and historians have long wondered why Jerusalem should have been established where it was, and why it should have become great. It enjoys none of the physical features which favored the advancement and prosperity of other important cities in the world.

"It stands at the head of no great river. It overlooks no great harbor. It commands no great highway and no cross-roads. It is not close to abundant sources of water. …It possesses no mineral riches. It was off the main trade routes. It held no strategic key to the conquest of vast areas ...

"Indeed it was blessed with neither special economic nor topographic virtues which might explain why it should have ever become more than a small, anonymous mountain village with a fate any different from that of most contemporary villages which have long since vanished."

(From work by Teddy Kolick and Moshe Peariman. William MacDonald, Enjoying the Psalms)

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