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In a certain pond, there were two ducks and a frog who were neighbors and the best of friends. They played together all day long during the summer time.

But as the cold drew near and the water dried up, the ducks realized they would have to move. This would be easy for them, but what about their friend the frog?

Finally it was decided that they would put a stick in the bill of each duck, and then the frog would hang onto the stick with his mouth and they would fly him to another pond. And so they did.

Just then, a farmer looked up and said to his wife, "What a great idea! I wonder who thought of that?"

Proudly, the frog said, "I did!" Thus illustrating: "Pride goes before a fall!"

(taken from "Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations Signs of the Times, compiled by Paul Lee Tan, page 1100, illus. #4824)

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