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Why are these character traits called fruit of the spirit? Why not other food groups: like meat of the spirit or bread of the spirit or dairy of the spirit?

There are four reasons why it’s called fruit of the spirit: because fruit is healthy, sweet, living and whole.

Fruit is healthy to eat. Everyone agrees with that. If you love eating fruit, you are probably a healthy person. It has vitamins, fibers, and no fat or cholesterol. It is very healthy.

And all fruit are sweet – naturally sweet. Do you know of a fruit that does not at least have some sweetness to it?

Fruit is also living. What I mean by that is it is produced by living trees and plants. And when it comes to you in the grocery section of a supermarket, it still contains seeds that can be planted to yield even more fruit. It is living. Meat comes to you dead and cut up. You cannot produce more meat from the meat in the store. And the same with bread, you cannot make more bread from the bread you buy in the store.

Fruit is also whole (slide of nice looking and delicious fruits). Sure, you can get diced fruit or fresh fruit cups. But most of the time you get fruit in whole pieces, as they were grown. A whole banana, a whole orange, a whole apple – it is not cut up, it is not chopped up, it comes to you the way it grows on the tree. Other foods to be eaten don’t come like that. You don’t want to eat a whole pig or a whole cow (slides of whole live pig and whole cow).

These are the four distinctive traits of fruit compared to other food.

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