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You know, when I was a little boy my mother taught us to sing a song that was written by Civilla Martin. Although many hymn books says that it was C. Gabriel who wrote this song, a deep historical investigation shows that Miss Martin was visiting a very close friend that was dying. This lady astonished Miss Martin, because of his radiant eyes and words of assurance in the middle of a painful sickness. Miss Martin could not wait anymore and ask her a question. How can you be able to have that radiant look in your eyes and those inspirational words in your mouth. The sick lady trying to raise her body from her bed, show Miss Martin an outstanding scene that was developing outside of the bedroom’s windows; some sparrows were playing and singing on the branches of and old Oak tree. While watching the birds, that sick lady gave Miss Martin a smile and said:

“If He is able to watch over the, He will be able to watch on me.”

Miss Martin was not able to wait any longer. With tears she started to write a poem and a song:

“Why should I feel discouraged, ...

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