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The enemy leader is in his command center discussing his battle strategy with those under his command.

The enemy is very upset about the latest move by the rebellion forces. They have been attacking in vital areas. Never before in this struggle has the rebellion force (the C) had this much power. They have been attacking with such intensity, that the enemy leader knows He must do something drastic to squash the rebellion once and for all.

The enemy leader reflects back to that fateful day when he took control of this world. He smiles with satisfaction as he remembers how easy it was to gain control. Just a few carefully placed lies and wham ,he controlled it all. It amused him to think of how easy it was to trick the inhabitants of the Garden and to steal control not only of their lives but their world as well.

The smile vanishes from his face as he thinks about the rebellion. About 2000 years ago the C, those rebels

came on the scene, how dare this riff -raff, this rag-tag group of weaklings stand and oppose him; didn’t they know his power.

He was stronger than they were because they didn’t know who they were and the power available to them. But now they were awake and were quickly learning how to fight against his demonic hoard and his un-holy host. They were quickly learning how to use that dreaded weapon “The Word” and were getting very skillful in prayer, they are in relationship with their power source

After ages of plotting, Satan is now ready to use his secret weapon “The Implanting”.

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