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The thunder roared like a waking dragon. As the water churned and the ship rocked wildly like a kite on a string. I watched helplessly as the splinter sized crack in the mast grew until I was sure it would snap. The crew on deck wallowed and struggled to move in the thigh deep water to try and keep the ship afloat and the sails from flapping. I scream in horror as the young man, no older than sixteen got swept away into the horrendous sea. The waves surged into the ship harder and faster than before. The ship was getting pulled out to sea in a rip like a dog on a leash. Just when it seemed we would all get out alive, the mast snapped in half pinning three men to the ground. The men on board were very pessimistic about their chance of survival. Some of the least loyal crew members jumped off the ship and landed with a tiny splash in the water. When they started swimming they were immediately sucked under by an abnormal power. The boat was tossed and turned like a rag doll for many days and nights. When the storm finally eased there were only twelve survivors.

I stood up and clapped...Just like everyone else in the theater.

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