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I am afraid that if Paul Revere rode through our towns crying, "The evil is coming! The evil is coming" Church folks would go back to sleep instead of rising to arms and in the morning have him arrested for disturbing the peace. The same works for revival. The call may come and God wants to move, but too many churches will not want their sleep or programs disturbed.

Well, the evil is here. We have slept too long and instead of an advancing army of God we are living in devil occupied territory with many collaborating with the enemy to keep life easy. Some are complete traitors speaking the enemy's propaganda.

Thankfully, there are still a few underground churches fighting spiritual guerilla warfare and taking some of the enemy captive then setting them free in Christ.

It is no wonder that Jesus asked if when He returned if there would be any faith left on the earth for indeed as iniquity has abounded the love of many has gone cold. Many churches could be called Zombie churches for they have the living dead inside their walls. We are all dead men walking as we will die. Some are walking towards Heaven and others Hell.

The sad part is that many of the ones heading to Heaven do not care about the ones going to Hell. They only complain about how they act, but they do not care about the person. Indeed, "no man careth for my soul."

The call has been given. Jesus and the Holy Spirit has been riding though the land calling for repentance and revival. Will you go back to sleep? If you cover your candle, God just may take away your lamp stand. The choice is yours. Will you rise up of fade out? Maranatha!

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