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The Injured Bride

Because of past experiences the list of questions and advice grow as I perform Weddings. Another important statement I make to the bride and groom during the Wedding Rehearsal is to put hand lotion on their hands when they get home that night and to not force the ring on the finger during the ceremony. In one particular Wedding, as the groom was putting the ring on the bride's finger I noticed she began to cry. Now for a moment I thought it might have been because the ceremony was so touching, but when I realized that the groom had broken her finger I understood the tears. Naturally she was nervous and so her hands were swollen. As he tried to put the ring on her finger it would not go over the knuckle so he put a little oomph into it and broke her finger. This wasn't my best ceremony, but the woman's finger healed nicely and the couple is still happily married although the broken finger thing comes up occasionally.

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