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“…that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind…”

When I still lived in California, and for a while was selling cars until I repented, I worked with a very lovely young woman named Sheri. We became good friends, because we were hired very close to the same time. She started to work there just a few weeks after I did, so we were sort of learning the business together. And when two people are starving they have a lot in common.

Well Sheri had very recently lost about 50 pounds. She was a beautiful, petite girl with blue eyes and blonde hair and a winning smile. So when she pulled out a photograph of a very over-weight woman and handed it to me without saying anything, I didn’t recognize that I was looking at a picture of Sheri.

“Who’s this?” I asked. And she said, “That’s me about 6 months ago”.

After Sheri had sold a few cars and was a little more comfortable financially, she asked me one day if I’d go with her to shop for clothes. She had no one else to ask and wanted someone’s opinion of the things she tried on. I went with her and waited attentively as she went into the dressing room with several items she had picked out.

As she came out of the dressing room each time, wearing either a dress, or a skirt, or a pair of shorts, I noticed that everything she tried on was too large for her. So I said as much. “Sheri, you need to grab some smaller sizes. These are all nice, but they’re all too big”. Oh, no. She couldn’t do that. She was too fat to wear that lower size. I was glad she ended up buying only a couple of items, because she wasn’t trying on anything her size.

It was months later, when I was at work and she wasn’t scheduled to come in until the afternoon, that she came into the dealership just beaming! She came straight to my office off the showroom and said, “Clark, guess what?” I started laughing because she was so bubbly, and I said, “What?” And she said, “I’m skinny!’

She said, “I was cleaning the apartment before coming to work, and I was just daydreaming as I vacuumed, so when I vacuumed past the mirror I wasn’t thinking about looking in the mirror, so when I looked up into it I saw this stranger looking back at me and it startled me. Then all of a sudden I realized, I’m thin! It’s the first time I’ve seen myself thin!”

That weekend I went shopping with her again, and...

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