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I heard the story of a game warden that saw a fellow heading downstream with his fishing pole and tackle box. He went up to him and asked to see the man’s license. The man said, “Warden, I don’t need a license. I’m not fishing. I’m just carrying this here pole and tackle box. No law against that. Don’t need a license just to carry a pole.

Well there is no law against that so the warden fell back and began to follow this guy at a distance. Well the guy headed downstream and finally crossed in some rapids. The warden followed after him getting soaking wet in the process.

The man then headed through some heavy brush and then doubled back across the river, went up a steep embankment and then back down the other side and back across the river. The warden was determined and scrambled after him.

The man then headed through the thickest part of a briar patch and the warden came right after him getting scratched up in the process.

Finally after about two miles of this back and forth, the man stopped by the edge of the stream, baited his hook and cast his line out in the middle.

Immediately the game warden jumped out and said, “I caught you, now you’re fishing.” And the man looked at him, and said, “Yep warden I am” and pulling out his...

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