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Speaking about the topic dealt with in this psalm, Bro. J. Vernon McGee tells the story of how he and his wife lost their first child in the hospital. He gives the following account:

I only heard the cry of that little one. All she ever did in her life was cry. I shall never forget the day she died. Across the hall from where my wife was, there was a very wealthy couple who had a baby boy, and their rich friends came to celebrate with them. As I drove into the parking lot in my old beat-up Chevrolet, they all drove up in Cadillacs. They went into the hospital with their champagne and celebrated the birth of the little boy.

He was a precious looking little baby, all they desired, I guess. I shall never forget that night. It was summertime, and I went out on a balcony that was there and cried out to God. To be honest with you, I don't know to this good day why God took our baby and left the baby across the hall. They have money, and, boy, they live it up! I have seen write-ups about them, and they have been in trouble several times. Their little boy is now probably thirty years old, that is how old my daughter would be.

After all these years, I still don't have the answer. Although I don't have the answer, I know the One who does, and He has told me to walk with Him by faith. He tests me by putting me in the dark. Then I'll reach out my hand and take His. In His Word He tells me that I can trust Him. Someday He will explain the whys of life to me (J. Vernon McGee, Psalms, Vol. II, published by Griffin Printing & Lithograph Co., Inc., pg. 134).

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