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When you wait to buy what you need – not getting weary in doing well – many times you are in place for a miracle. Last month we gave more than what we had in our giving budget. We knew that was what we were suppose to do, but it caused our clothing budget to dip too low and Joanne was telling me the kids needed clothes. The kids needed shorts for summer camp, shoes, etc. You get to the point that you can just go out and get them. We went to a wedding and one of my daughters didn’t have something nice to wear. We go down to Grand Rapids the night before and visit a relative and they give us some clothes and there is something in the bag that is a perfect fit and really nice for the wedding. We could have gone out and bought it because (you know all the reasons) but we would have missed God’s provision. Oh, and to finish the story, we received bags of clothing from 3 different people. Now we have More Than Enough!

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