3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Ever been on a great adventure? A great adventure happens when someone offers a different approach to life. You think their crazy, but try it anyway. The diet you were convinced to try. You were reluctant, You grumbled when you started. You found 3 months later, you had never felt better in your life. Welcome to the great adventure of dieting.

The book you were urged to read. It seemed so long for a book, and turned out to be the longest book you ever read ¡K and the best. Welcome to the great adventure of reading.

The new dish you felt challenged to fix for dinner. The picture looked so good in the cookbook and so challenging in the recipe details, but you fixed it for your guests. They said it was the greatest meal and chocolate dessert they ever had. Welcome to the great adventure of cooking.

The fear you had in calling for a first date. You were nervous. Your palms were sweaty. Your voice was dry. You were tempted to lick your palms, and just dial that number. How glad you are that the first date happened and every moment since. Welcome to the great adventure of dating.

The great adventure of pregnancy and parenting features 9 months of anticipation. Weight gain, Lamaze classes. The joy and terror as you hold your first child in your arms and years later walk her down the aisle for another to hold in his arms. Welcome to the great adventure of parenting.

The great...

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