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People neglect their opportunities in life. I received a pastor’s letter in the mail last week. In the 1940s, IBM considered commercializing the new computer operation they had with the US Government. But after due consideration, Thomas J Watson, chairman of IBM, issued this statement, ‘Realistically there is a market for about five computers in the entire world. There is no reason to risk our current success on such a limited venture.’ Or consider, in 1962, Decca Records had controlled the American music market for decades. And in 1962 they sent out talent scouts to review a new band in Liverpool, England. Their talent scouts wrote back to Decca, ‘We really don’t like their sound. And besides, everyone knows that guitar music is on its way out.’ Ten years later Decca went out of business. We don’t always take advantage of the opportunities we have in life. And I would like to talk about that this morning.

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