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Many years ago “Guideposts” magazine told about Mary Bower MacKorell, whose doctor suggested she take off several pounds. The diet plans, dietetic food and calorie-counted drinks didn’t work. Once while watching TV and eating, she saw a program about cooking, which pictured luscious dishes.

Contrasted with that, she saw a photo through the mail of an emaciated dark-skinned boy in Haiti. (The youth and KWs support a boy and a girl in Haiti.) His scrawny chest and limbs made him look like a skeleton.

She began to think that physicians are now transplanting hearts, and why could she not take the pounds off herself and transfer them to the body of a starving child? For ten days she ate only two meals, skipping lunch. In that period she saved $10 and lost 5 lbs.

Through the mail again she got an appeal on behalf of the starving millions in India. “Buy a bowl of rice a day for a starving child. That bowl of rice will cost about $10 per month.”

Imagine what could happen if every American man bewailing his lost waistline, or every housewife letting out her seams once more, could claim for himself a similar experience. The result could be health on one side of the world, life on the other, and a bridge of caring stretching around the globe.

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