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I remember back when I graduated from college and was beginning to interview for ministry positions. I was being looked at by three churches, but I wanted God to be able to guide in where I would go, so I agreed to go to the first church that would give me the official call. Inwardly, I was hoping that Dodge City, Kansas would call me first, because I had been there two summers and knew the people there already. But soon I was introduced to the minister of the Ridgecrest Christian Church in Albuquerque who came to the college with the power to choose a youth minister for the church. He chose me, but I asked for time to think about it, and quickly called Dodge City to see what might happen. The minister there said the church wasn’t ready to make a decision that day, and he advised me to go ahead and accept the Ridgecrest offer. I was given light to make a decision even though it wasn’t exactly what I would have chosen for myself. God gave me enough light to take the next step and Albuquerque became my new home.

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