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Dr’s Les and Leslie Parrot say we need to fire up the passion in the Bed room: They state in their book , “The Love List” this:

“Fire Up Passion In The Bedroom” (Once a Month), Sarah was in grade school when she heard a number of new words at school from other students. She asked her mother about them. Her mom said, ‘Sarah, those are words that people use to crudely describe something God gave us to enjoy.’ Like a pro, her mom went on to explain the facts of life. Puzzled and shocked, Sarah, one of three children, asked her mom, ‘You mean you and daddy did that three times?’ You may be wondering if we have a similar mindset because we are placing this healthy habit of firing up passion in the bedroom in the category of ‘Once a month.’ Even before we wrote this chapter our editor was ribbing us: ‘Only once a month?’ Not exactly. We’re not saying you should only make love with your spouse once a month. We have something else in mind, and it will shed plenty of light on quality as well as quantity. In fact, a landmark study of seven thousand married people found that the frequency of marital sex was strongly associated with how couples rate their sexual satisfaction. Nine out of ten of the couples who were having sex three or more times a week reported satisfaction with the quality of their sex lives. In contrast, only half of those individuals who were having sex once a month were satisfied. All that to say, this healthy habit is not about limiting your sexual encounters with each other to once every thirty days. Quite the opposite” (Pages, 89, 90).

Les and Leslie also state, “If you are intentional, marriage provides the greatest sex possible. It’s a gift neither singles nor cohabitating couples enjoy. Consider this: Married people are about twice as likely as unmarried people to make love at least two or three times a week. And that’s not all: Married sex is more fun. Forty-eight percent of husbands say sex with their partners is extremely satisfying, compared to just thirty-seven percent of cohabitating men” (Page 91-93).

They give practical advice on how to stir up the passion here is a list from their book found on pages 93-98:

i. Talk to each other about sex or ask for what you’d like.

ii. Schedule a sex date.

iii. Guard your time fiercely.

iv. Have a plan.

v. Enjoy the anticipation.

vi. Overcome sexual ignorance – learn what you don’t know (I suggest the Penner’s book, “Getting Your Sex Life Off To A Great Start.")

vii. Learn what men need to know about women

viii. Learn what women need to know about men

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