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We have a little 10 lb. Sheltie-Poo at home, and we all love him. He thinks he’s so macho as he stands in our bay window, looking out at the street. A big German Shepherd walks his owner down our sidewalk every day, and our little Teddy goes nuts trying to get thru that window and take him on. He barks fiercely like there’s no tomorrow, and I have translated what he’s saying: "Come on, you want a piece of me, you lookin’ at me, you think you’re tough?"

At that moment our little Teddy is despising this window which won’t let him charge the other dog...and there’s nothing he’d like more than to break thru that window. But let me ask you, what’s the only thing saving his life? That window! Because the big dog calmly trots by that window and as he glances at Teddy he’s thinking, “I had two like you for lunch today!”

We don’t keep our dog separate from that other dog because we hate him or are trying to spoil all his fun, but because we love him, and love and law go together.

All of us humans need to realize that God is not a cosmic killjoy trying to spoil our fun. When God says "Thou shalt not" it’s only because He knows that particular behavior is destructive and will bring misery into our lives.

(From a sermon by Jerry Shirley, "Laying Down the Law-Independence Day-Patriotic-7/3/08"

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