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I don't remember how long my wife and I had been dating, but I invited her over, and I was going to cook a meal. I had two other roommates, so I was going to cook for everybody. Somehow, I settled on pizza. I remembered that the first lunch date we ever had was at a pizza place. You can't go wrong with pizza. I wasn't going to buy one of these frozen pizzas. Uh-uh, I was going to make it from scratch. How impressive is that?

I made the crust and the sauce, so by then I'm pretty well committed to pizza. However, being a seminary student, money was very tight. At this point I realized that I had not gone to the grocery store to buy any meat, vegetables, or mozzarella cheese to go on this pizza. But being the resourceful person that I am, I began to look around in the cabinets to see what we had.

There I was in Texas, and there are a lot of Hispanic people in Texas, and they eat a lot of beans and rice. Well, we didn't have any beans, but we did have rice. So I cooked some rice, then I laid out the crust on the pizza pan and spread sauce all over it. I spooned rice on top of the sauce and spread it out so it would be even. Then I took some slices of American cheese and put them all over the top of it and put it in the oven. So we ate rice pizza for supper that night.

My wife later admitted she wasn't too impressed with rice pizza. But when you love somebody, you want to be with them and talk to them and do things with them and for them. And if you're like my wife, you'll overlook the really dumb things they do.

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