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The moment we put our faith in Christ, we not only became children of God, we became His full adult children. That’s the meaning of the word "sons" in this context. In other words, God doesn’t treat us like little babies in his family. He treats us as His mature, grown-up sons and daughters.

When our children were little, we put them under the care of a baby-sitter every time we left the house, but now they are grown. Two of them are married, one is in college, and it would be silly for us to hire a baby-sitter to watch over them today. They don’t need it.

Those of you who have little children know they require your constant watch and care. They are labor intensive, but let me tell you, it does get better! When our children grow up, it is wonderful to relate to them as adults. We don’t have to discipline them any longer. We don’t have to clean up their messes. We don’t have to wipe their snotty noses or keep a constant eye on them any more.

These days, I enjoy having adult-to-adult conversations with my children on the phone. I enjoy their company when they come to visit, and I enjoy the friendship that is developing with these wonderful young adults. I...

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