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David Barton in his book “What Happened In Education” writes “As a result of Supreme Court decisions in Engel v. Vitale, Murray v. Curlett, and Abington v. Schempp, religious principles were separated from public education. School prayer, Bible reading, and any instruction which purported to have any type of religious connection were prohibited in schools. So thorough was the eradication of these principles that even the Ten Commandments, acknowledged by the Court to be the basis of law in the Western World, were eventually removed from schools. The traditional basis for any absolutes concerning right and wrong behavior, belief, and conduct were withdrawn from educational instruction and philosophy. Although these decisions were met with widespread public anger (some districts vowed to ignore the rulings), most educators soon fell into line, removing all public religious practices and principles from schools. The sequestering of religious philosophy from public education clashed sharply with deeply rooted traditions that had both allowed and encouraged religious principles in education from Pre-Colonial times. The Court decision in 1962-1963 was the first action in American educational history to separate religious principles from academic endeavors” (19, 20).

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