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God has the answers that we need. I often see people not trusting in God and truly seeking His face. Worshiping with others and seeking out the answers that we are looking for is often done superficially. We show up once or twice and wonder why "church" doesn't seem to work. Where is God?

It is kind of like playing the spiritual lottery. We take our coin (maybe, if we are feeling generous) and throw it in the offering plate, hoping to scratch off the jackpot and then we can go our way.

Or does your "spiritual life" consist of playing some type of scratch-off lottery hoping that someday you will "win it big"?

There is a saying: If you want to win big, bet big. There is only one way to win: bet it all. Your life. Everything on Jesus. Everything you are and everything you have. You will win. You'll win big. Because God's perfect love never fails. Give it all to God today.

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