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You know what it reminds me of? Remember the first Indiana Jones Movie, where for several seconds this crazy and skilled guy is threatening Indiana by whirling this sword around with incredible flash, then in an instant, Jones calmly, with mild irritation, pulls out his gun and bang its over.

This is a picture of how we need to be with God. God is our gun here and no matter how bad things appear, we simply need to rely on Him and trust Him. We don’t have to worry with God, but we better worry without him.

Most importantly though, we need to see that God has never abandoned us, it is always our choice to disconnect from Him. Oh, how I pray that we will choose Him this Christmas season, and hang on for dear life for the rest of our lives. We don’t know how long we have, it sure isn’t 900 years, so if you haven’t decided, do it now, what have you got to lose versus what you have to gain?

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