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I am free in Christ to drink any coffee that I want. But if I know that certain brands of coffee or tea have not be grown and bought in a responsible fashion then in my opinion I am abusing my freedom and am hindering my witness to those who have suffered from the injustice. I had a Starbuck’s coffee recently something that has indeed become a rarity and luxury. I noticed on the advertising that Starbucks, who has been notorious in “looking the other way” in terms of where it gets it coffee, is claiming that now 65% of the coffee that they buy and serve is assured to have been grown and obtained in a responsible manner. While this is a large number, it seems to my conscience to fall well short of 100%. Maybe we can’t always guarantee 100% (although there are several organizations that seek to do this such as Fair Trade coffee and tea). But I think that we can and should hold corporations to a much higher standard for our own sake and the sake of our witness to the world.

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