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How many of you have ever canned food? When I was a child, we lived on a farm in the Appalachia Mountains of Virginia, and my parents canned all kinds of food. If they just put it in the jar without sealing it, the outside air would get in it and ruin the food. By sealing it, they kept the outside from getting in and this way they kept the food good for the day of consumption.

In EPHESIANS 4:30, we are told that we have been sealed in the Holy Spirit, and we are not to grieve the Holy Spirit. That means that by being sealed in the Holy Spirit, the outside cannot force its way in and ruin us. We are kept sealed and holy for the day of redemption. If we were to turn away from the teachings of Jesus, we would grieve the Holy Spirit, because we would be breaking the seal and letting the outside get into our hearts, and that would ruin us.

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