3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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I don’t know if you’ve heard of Scott Ginsburg, but he is known for something very strange. As of today, he has worn a "Hello my name is..." tag for 3140 days. On one occasion he had given a speech to an employee group in South Dakota and told how he started wearing the name tag. "On that day, I exited an on-campus seminar and noticed everyone throwing their name tags away. So, I decided to leave mine on, just as an experiment. And for ONE day, the response was so overwhelming positive, that I decided to leave my name tag on permanently!"

He made a career out of wearing a name tag and working with businesses across the country. Following the training session in South Dakota a young guy approached Scott and chuckled, "Dude, isn’t it crazy to think that your entire career came from something you saw in a trashcan?"

Scott writes: "I never really thought of it like that. Which is kind of funny. I guess some people...

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