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Circus Clown Example: To be honest, I have to tell you a story. You ever go to the circus? Maybe you have not, I dunno. But one time I actually saw a man riding two horses at one time. He was standing up, wearing American red white and blue clothing, and looked like a conquering hero. It was awesome.

But, what would happen if the horses split? Well, down would go the man.

Friends, most of us, if we are honest, ride two horses. We live in the world, and we live with Christ. Friends, those horses should have split ages ago, but we want to be the hero clown of the circus so we somehow ride them both, like a person sitting on a fence not sure which way we should go.

You want to be complete? You want to be perfect? The first step is to see Christ and React Immediately.

This may mean getting off of our other horse. Got it?

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