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French Invasion:

During the 1800s, the French General George Muller Massena who took orders from Napoleon, arrived at a quaint and militarily important Austrian town. His 18,000 soldiers were gearing up for their invasion, as the stunned Austrian citizens were lifeless and terrified. Knowing they were about to be beaten, killed, sold into slavery, or worse, they laid down plans for the counter attack.

What did they do? Since it was Easter Sunday and their upcoming deaths were imminent regardless of their defensive positionings, they went to church. Figuring their only defense was direct intervention from their Maker, they rang the church bells, put on their Sunday’s best, and worshipped the Lord.

When services ended, the Austrian prayer warriors opened the church doors to find the entire French battalion had vacated. It turns out that the French General Massena incorrectly confused the ringing of the church bells for Easter service with what he thought was the announcement of the arrival of the entire Austrian army. The city was saved, and Christ was glorified.

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